Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Logo - Let's All Acknowledge the Obvious

I'm sure most of you have seen Hillary Clinton's new presidential campaign logo. And I'm sure most of you have already questioned the obvious.

Let me ask the obvious anyway.

Is this logo just a means of telling the world that Hillary Clinton is the right choice for president because she has male genitals?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Quick Note about Indiana's Law and the Problem with Anti-Religious Protests

Recently, I responded to a woman who had finally realized the dangers of the progressive ideals pushing gay rights and same sex marriage. She had supported same sex marriage because of the ideals of free association. However, with the recent attacks on the state of Indiana and its governor for daring to pass a religious freedom law, she realized that gay politics didn't support the ideals of free association, but actively was trying to destroy it.

Here was my response:
The signs of gay politics infringing on the basic rights established in the 1st Amendment were there 12 years ago with Lawrence V. Texas. Privacy law was then used to create a "right" to same sex marriage whole cloth, which has been pushed to the forefront ever since. Once the Supreme Court threw out California's Prop 8 and let the lower courts decide the question of same sex marriage, gay ideology became established with the protected status of the 14th Amendment. 
Unfortunately, the dogmas of protected status now seem to legally trump any and all other protections, including the 1st Amendment. We have become a nation based on the ideal that some people are more protected than others, with the consequence that the Constitution, and laws, are meaningless as long as the courts uphold progressive dogmas about their version of "equality." 
In other words, progressive ideology dealing with gay rights has established federal protections that directly challenge the rights and protections of others. As George Orwell put it in his dystopian Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
Let's hope that others see the danger before all of the protections of the 1st Amendment are overwritten by zealous and ignorant judges.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One Question for All of You

Here's a question for all of you:

If liberals are the good guys,
why do they lie so much?

(Thanks for this goes to John Hawkins on Townhall.)

Monday, March 16, 2015

It's a Long, Long Road

Sometimes opportunities come along that are just too good to pass up. I've not posted in a few weeks. In between the constant work of my day job and grading assignments from the university classes that I still teach, it was difficult to find time to pay attention to the idiocies of the political world around us.

Then, a couple of weeks ago as my family and I were off on a Saturday outing, I received a call, inviting me to be part of a comedy play at a local theatre.

It was an offer too good to pass up.

So along with the day job and the evening job, I'm in rehearsal most nights of the week for two to three hours.

It's totally worth it.

But, alas, the blog suffers.

See ya'll on the flip side after the show opens in mid-April.

Friday, February 27, 2015

In Llama News

In keeping with the stated purpose of my blog, I present...

Llama Wrangling

Yes, there are llamas in Phoenix.

And if that isn't enough llamas for you, here's a Monty Python bit about them...