Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Diseased Body of America

If America today were a human body, it would bear the ravages of a parasitic disease affecting the brain.

America's brain has been taken over by a parasite named progressivism. This parasite, in order to preserve itself, has cut off sight and sound from the brain, so that it processes information without crucial input from these key sensory organs. Cutting off sight and sound is the parasite's self-preservation tactic, as it could not survive if it could both see and hear.

Without eyes and ears, the parasite-infested brain thinks it is in control of both internal and external systems. When the outside world refuses to behave as the parasite dictates, it responds with a kind of spastic attack. The parasite lashes out at the world it cannot see nor hear, angered by the outside world's inability to conform to its limited viewpoint.

Because of the progressive parasite, the body itself atrophies from disuse. The arms wither into weakened tools that try to feed the body, but lack the strength to do so. The arms grow thin and pale, atrophied from malnourishment. The parasitic brain smiles in response, leaving the arms to wither and inviting a host of external parasites to invade the body.

These new parasites feed off of what flesh remains to the body, heading straight for the fattest parts in order to deprive the body's muscle tissue access to stored energy. When healthy parts of the body try to fend off the infection, the parasite-brain cuts off all aid and calls those parts of the body names.

Without sight and sound, the body flails around, feeling its way to make sense of the outside world. Limited to processing information only through feeling, the body begins to resemble a zombie, ever more grotesque as the small bit of brain left untouched by the parasite can no longer heal the dead and dying tissue.

In this zombified body, the genitals become overextended and gain a disproportionate amount of importance. The parasite-brain then demands that the rest of the body be defined by the sexual urges of over-developed genitalia. When healthy parts of the body reject the impulses, the diseased brain attempts to bypass the healthy area, starving it to death.

What does remain of the body of America is a strong and good heart. It beats and continues to feed the body, despite the best efforts of the parasite-brain to cut it out of the entire system.

Yet, what the parasite-brain cannot understand is that without the heart, the entire body dies and gets trampled under the feet of others whose bodies are healthier and not rendered deaf and blind.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

On the Road Again

Idaho Falls
Well, I'm on the road (or rather in the air) attending a teaching conference in Idaho. Traveling by air is an experience I don't enjoy much anymore.

I will say that despite the best efforts of the TSA, I was allowed to pass through the Sacred Portal of Security in order to put my rear end into a seat especially designed for anorexic phone poles. Despite being a short guy, my shoulders do not fit within the allotted space for passenger comfort. Getting bumped by every butt that passed by in the isle was not an endearing experience, especially considering the flight crew on Delta airlines.

While standing around in two different airports, a lot of people walked up to me and asked me all sorts of questions or asked for directions. I’m not sure what kind of face I had on, but apparently I wore my “Yes, please ask me your inane question” face. (Despite what my students say about me, I answered their questions as best as I could.) Perhaps I should have worn my “Does Not Play Well With Others” t-shirt. Hmmmm. Planning for the next time I have to fly somewhere.

I did try to help one young thing by offering her a place in line and helping to lift her luggage. She, being of the millenial generation, could only grunt in reply to my attempts to be kind. Apparently, speech was beyond her ken. In life, I've found that being kind to people will often get you smiles and pleasant conversation. Alas, I think the millenials have broken the system.

Helpful travel hint: Two Excedrins with a Coke chaser can really be a game changer.

I was also treated to a completely entertaining display from a flight attendant. You know the federal regulation where we all have to be taught how to use a seat belt? Her speech, badly read from a script, and her dismal performance in demonstrating the intricacies of an oxygen mask, became high art in their utter lack of enthusiasm.

Well, it's nine o'clock at night here in the Land of Potatoes and really flat farmland, and the sun is still shining brightly through my west-facing window. Whoever invented daylight savings time should be treated to slow torture and then mercilessly executed. In Arizona, we don't put up with all this daylight savings time garbage.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Prescient George Orwell and Obama's Ministry of Truth

I have, on occasion, made the comparison between the dogmas of modern progressivism and the ideas expressed in George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984. While any government has elements of disfunction and deception, Obama's administration leads the field when it comes to imitating Orwell's concept of doublethink.

Yesterday, Loretta Lynch, the current poor excuse for Attorney General of the United States, released a redacted transcript of a 911 phone call made by the Muslim terrorist who attacked and murdered people in a nightclub in Orlando. Amidst Obama's deception to willfully ignore the religion and the motivation behind the terrorist attack, Lynch took it upon herself to scrub all references of radical Islam and ISIS from the 911 call that the disgusting Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen made in order to broadcast his religion and motivation.

In redacting the transcript, Lynch even refused to print the word "Allah," opting instead to substitute the word "God." As a note, ask any Christian or Muslim. The two names are not interchangeable.

Because of just and accurate public ridicule, the entire transcript was subsequently released.

We know that politicians lie. We know that government hides its idiocies from its citizens. However, the fact that the current administration is attempting to rewrite reality even as it happens constitutes doublethink that would stymie Orwell himself.

That President Obama would use Islamic terrorism to blame the citizens of the US, the 2nd Amendment, and inanimate objects is unconscionable. That Ms. Lynch would redact a text to exclude what everyone already knows is in it, is an act worthy of the most dysfunctional of governments.

We truly are living in a time when Orwell's cautionary tale describes modern progressive philosophy. No sane person who reads 1984 thinks that the society controlled by Big Brother is the way government ought to be.

Progressives, on the other hand, seem to be diving into that dystopian pool with both feet.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Sermon: A Modern Reading

Excerpts from Isaiah 3

The people will oppress one another,
Every man his fellow,
     and every man his neighbor;
The child will
     trash talk elderly people
And the ignorant
     will trash talk the honorable,

The USA is ruined,
And America is fallen;
Because the people
     speak and act
     against God,
And they provoke him.

The way they dress
     witnesses against them;
And they broadcast their LGBT sin,
     they don't hide it.
Woe unto their soul!
Because they have
     done evil unto themselves.

And God says:
"Why do you crush the people,
And grind the face of the poor?"

Besides that God says:
Because women are full of pride,
And walk with their noses in the air
And seek only lewdness and power,
Twerking as they go,
Therefore God will condemn all
     their licentious secrets.

They hide behind degrading
     or expensive clothes.
They tattoo and pierce themselves,
     instead of showing their beauty.

But God will change things.
Instead of perfume,
     there will be rottenness;
And instead of expensive dresses,
     there will be rags;
And instead of curled hair,
     there will be baldness;
And instead of Armani jackets,
     there will be sackcloth.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Illogic of the Gun Control Argument

The progressive argument to ban assault rifles, or to pass "common sense" gun laws is completely based on a fallacy of faulty premises. These arguments are red herrings - arguments to through the American people off the track of the true causes of gun violence.

Here's one example of a progressive argument simplified down to its basic premises and conclusion:

  1. The terrorist in Orlando was easily able to purchase a gun.
  2. The terrorist in Orlando used the gun to kill people.
  3. Without a gun, the terrorist in Orland could not have killed people.
  4. Therefore, we need stricter gun laws to keep guns from killing people.

Analyzing this argument, we can see that premise (1) is true. In many states in the US, anyone who has not committed a felony can purchase a gun. The terrorist in Orlando had not committed any felonies up to that point.

Premise (2) is also true.

Premise (3) however, is not true and is also a faulty premise. The idea that guns cause violence is just as silly a premise as the idea that cars cause collisions or that hammers cause nails to be pounded into wood.

Perhaps the idea rests with the "powerful assault rifle" concept that so many news media reported. Without such a "powerful assault rifle," the terrorist could not have killed so many people. This is also untrue. Just this week in Cameroon, 42 fisherman were found floating dead in a lake, killed by Boko Haram terrorists. The week before 20 people were killed in Syria by a suicide bomber. The terrorists in Paris used guns, which are illegal in Paris. The 9/11 terrorists used no guns to take down the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The premise which blames the gun fails a simple test when compared with reality.

The conclusion (4) does indeed follow from the argument, but is not true, partially because of the faulty premises, and partially because it argues from a separate premise that gun laws actually reduce crime and violence.

This is not true. As an example, Mexico, which has severe gun laws, also has one of the highest homicide rates in the world (source). Jamaica, Honduras, Brazil, Puerto Rico, all have high homicide rates.

More often than not, however, progressives will argue along these lines:
  1. A mass shooting occurred.
  2. The mass shooting wouldn't have occurred if there were no guns.
  3. Therefore, the gun is to blame for the mass shooting.
Premise (1) is a given. When mass shootings occur, we can note them as a given act of violence.

Premise (2) is true. If there were no guns in the entire world, there could never be any mass shootings. Premise (2) is also so improbable as to make it silly. Wishing there were no guns, and actually removing all guns are two entirely different things. No amount of wishing can make premise (2) become a reality.

Conclusion (3) doesn't follow. To blame guns, gun sales, gun ownership, or the mere existence of guns on violence is absurd. The premise to this argument, that all progressives neglect, is the premise of the will of the shooter. The gun didn't make the shooter commit violence any more than a fist would make me smack a liberal in the face for being so ignorant.

What happens here is that progressives create a false causal link between guns and violence, where there is only a correlation. Yes, we have gun violence in the US because we have guns. No, the guns didn't cause the violence. They were merely the tool used to commit the violence.

Progressives only seem to have this strange disconnect of causal relations when it comes to guns. Rarely do they blame knives, blunt instruments, bombs, cars, or fists. Yet these "weapons" are also used to promote violence. For example, in 2014 in Arizona, of the 258 total murders, 105 of them were committed with something other than a firearm. (That's about 41%.) (source).

Does the presence of guns cause more murders? Again, in Arizona, gun homicides have decreased since the passage of the constitutional carry law in 20120 (source). This is in direct contrast to the progressives' dire warnings that gun violence would increase in the state. Yes, the drop in homicides is a causal relationship with the passage of the constitutional carry law.

I want to make two points here. First, and foremost, progressive arguments always stem from false premises, which are mistaken as truth. Second, the progressive appeal to blame guns for terrorist acts or mass shootings is logically unsound. In fact it's downright silly.

Such an ideology is also downright dangerous. It ignores the root causes of terrorism and displaces them with a red herring argument.

Such red herrings always leave a bad stench.