Monday, December 23, 2013

The False Religions: Atheism, Leftism, Socialism

As I read the news and watch today's media, I notice the trend to denigrate religion and the religious for being...well...religious. I'm impressed by the myriad anti-religious attacks, especially those made by leftists. Without fail, these people make arguments against religion in order to support their own beliefs and practices.

What impresses me aren't the arguments themselves, most of which are fairly tedious ad hominem attacks. No, what impresses me is the absolute faith, the religious fervor, the dogmatic position, of those who attack religion. They know, with the certainty of the fanatic, that their views are correct and that religious views or expression is wrong.

These are political ideologies - systems of belief held in order to gain power. Yet, they are more than mere "liberalism," they are backed by zeal and absolute belief. They are, in fact, false religions.

Such false religions include green politics (Pastor Al Gore), feminism (High Priestess Gloria Steinem), gay activism (Grand Poobah GLAAD), atheism (Evangelist Bill Mahar), radical liberalism (Next-Thing-to-Deity Barack Obama), racial exclusivism (Reverend Al Sharpton), socialism, and communism.

Each of these false religions have their own set of morals, based on their beliefs du jour. The beliefs change as quickly as Obama changes policy to fit his quest for power. Each adherent to the false religion clings to his or her dogmas like sweaty underwear. These false religions have their own priesthood (note the list of leaders above). They have their own profane rituals: gay pride parades; flipping off conservative presidents in the White House; systematically emasculating men; the Vagina Monologues. They have their preachers and their congregations (such as any news anchor on MSNBC and its 15 viewers).

While false religions deserve disdain, we should be aware of the purpose of these false religions and the danger they pose to the US. Because these false religions supplant a belief in God and a system of laws and morals, they cannot be trusted to create any kind of social structure that is inclusive and forgiving. Because they, by nature, attempt to assume political power, they are every bit as dangerous as state-run churches. Because their dogmatism is based on mob rule, rather than rule of law, they threaten the foundations of US government.

The worst offense of these false religions, however, is their utter inability of their believers to understand the double standard their religion holds. Hence, the believers can attack religion and the religious with all the fervor of the fanatic, and never see that they themselves have become what they despise.