Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Tyranny of Modern Liberalism

Because many of us make mistakes that can have bad consequences, some intellectuals believe that it is the role of government to intervene and make some of our decisions for us. From what galaxy government is going to hire creatures who do not make mistakes is a question they leave unanswered. -- Thomas Sowell

Government is not our friend. It does not matter if you are a conservative or a liberal, a libertarian or a socialist. The people who come to power in government will take as much power as they can in order to stay in power. Power breeds more power, and corruption follows in its wake. It is the sole desire of such politicians to form government in their own image. The founders of the United States understood this danger. They funded, fought, and won a war against a modestly tyrannical government which had become so top heavy, so enamored with its own policies, that it ceased to treat Americans as its remaining British citizens.

The difference between modern conservatives and modern liberals is that conservatives, by and large, distrust government and understand the founding principles of the US. Liberals, on the other hand, look to larger government (e.g., Obamacare), more complex laws (e.g., same-sex marriage laws), and a self-appointed right to rule (e.g., "Obama won. The end."), rejecting the foundational principles of the Founding Fathers.

In their differing views of government, modern liberals and modern conservatives have completely flip-flopped since the founding of the US. We used to call the ideals of Adams, Jefferson, or Franklin liberalism. As a point in fact, it was radical liberalism, which asserted the ideals of inalienable rights, limited government, and self rule. Classical liberalism utterly denied the concept of a right to rule.

At some level, modern liberals understand that they wish to fundamentally change government in the US. In this sense, they refer to themselves a progressives--a term which has at its historical roots in the US the idea of incorporating socialist central planning into the US government. It also holds the doctrine that equality must be enforced at all costs.

The problem with modern liberalism is the coercion inherent in all socialists systems. Americans pretend to love life, liberty, and property, all the while not realizing the dangers inherent in giving up those inalienable rights to an ever-growing and power-hungry government.

Endemic to power mongering is the control and stifling of free speech. Little by little, we find we are censured and silenced for speaking the "wrong" things in our country. We, as Americans, have discovered new levels of limiting free speech based on the extraordinarily nebulous concept of "political correctness." While rude or pornographic speech is ill mannered and should be limited, we find in our modern society the application of coercion based on the principle of not offending anyone who is a member of certain "protected" groups in society.

What arises are new classes based solely on ideological principles, who see no problems with censuring other groups simply because they disagree with their principles. Such systems are inherently hypocritical. They take the stance that "we" can say what we want and be as abusive as we want because "we" disagree with "you."

This isn't the final state of tyranny. But it is an indicator, a suggestion, of tyranny to follow.

When politicians, such as Barack Obama, take on more and more power, with less and less accountability, we are on the cusp of giving up all of the US's founding principles in order to follow the tyrannical path of all power mongering governments. When the dogmas of class ideology limit free speech over disagreements between beliefs, we allow ourselves to be led into the abyss.