Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Letter to My Son - Beware as You Head Off to College

To My Son:

As you head off to college, let me pass along to you a few things that I've learned over the years as a long-time teacher. First, remember that most universities are a vast wasteland of ideas, ideals, and ideologies. Unfortunately, the faculty and the administration often preach the gospel of modern liberalism, cleverly disguised as Absolute Truth.

That is the Big Lie of today's universities: that its high priests and priestesses, its Grand Poobahs, its nabobs and khans, think that they hold the key to all truth and knowledge, merely because it is pleasing to the ear, titillating, and seductive.

Let me outline where the dangers lie:

In your economics class, you will learn that you can have something for nothing. This is a lie, perpetrated by professors to agree with current political trends. Politicians use this politically-motivated economics in order to garner votes and to gain power. These politicians are modern Robber Barons, who, instead of creating wealth, steal wealth from the people in the name of welfare, kindness, and equality. They are no better than robbers, thieves, burglars, and con men. They promise the poor that the government will take care of them as long as poor people vote for the right people. They create division and strife, dividing people between the haves and the have nots, then telling the have nots that the root of all their poverty stems from the rich stealing their birthright and their entitlements.

In your sociology class, you will learn that choices have no consequences. This is a lie, perpetrated by professors who no longer have the ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, and beauty from filth. Choices always have consequences, but the sociologists are True Adepts at passing the blame from root causes to all those who disagree with them. For example, they ignore the consequences of preaching the gospel of unrestrained sexual license, preferring instead to claim any who gets AIDS or pregnant is a victim, not a perpetrator. They ignore the consequences of destroying social institutions in order to recreate the world in their own, miserable little image. They ignore the consequences of preaching the gospel of feminism, which vilifies and debases half of the population in the world. All of these dogmas can only exist by reviling non-believers or treading on those institutions which others hold sacred.

In your history class, you will learn that Western Civilization is the greatest evil conceived of by man. This is a lie, perpetrated by professors to convert young men and women into believing that the only solution to human problems is the gospel of socialism. Your history texts no long tell us the story of true progress, freedom, and the accomplishments of human intellect. Instead they dwell on the evils of human nature to prove how Western Civilization oppresses people and destroys the earth. This is utter nonsense since such a philosophy ignores the fact that Western Civilization created the foundation of freedom that allows such idiots to preach their dogmas in the first place.

In your English class, you will learn that all ideas are equally valid. This is a lie, perpetrated by professors to teach students what to think, instead of how to think. Instead of learning to read and write, you will be forced to mimic mediocre ideals in order to please the professors. Instead of studying great literature and learning the wealth of ideas that sprang from great minds, you will be guided to accept the dogmas of socialism and multiculturalism. Instead of introducing you to uplifting and enlightening ideals, you will be subjected to the basest of human thought and depravities. You will be told pornography is art, merely because it challenges your beliefs and titillates your mind.

My son, such is the state of today's "education." It is nothing more than a celebration of the immoral, and the seductive. It produces blind lemmings who follow their false prophets over the edge and into the abyss of human depravity, stagnation, misery, and mediocrity. It is the dogma of modern liberalism that is the antithesis of freedom and liberty. It promises a utopian world, where tolerance and equality is enforced, while freedom, justice, liberty, and life are cheaply sold out.

You are better than that. I've raised you to think for yourself, to recognize evil and to seek the good. As you leave for college, stand firm in the knowledge that good ideas will always prevail over bad ones. Unlike the high priests of liberalism, you don't have to drag others down in order to feel better about yourself. Instead use your keen intellect to lift others up and to inspire them. Beware of the mire of seductive immorality that is modern education. There is a better way.

Your Father