Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beyond Good and Evil

Friedrich Nietzsche was a 19th Century existentialist philosopher. He also happened to be a nihilist, who rejected religion and moral principles as meaningless. His philosophy still influences today's academia, creating generation after generation of people who are taught at universities that there are no moral absolutes.

Yet, my experiences indicate otherwise. There are indeed absolutes in the world.

In our modern society, there is no impulse to be good or even to be better than we are, because immoral expediency denies the historicity of both absolute good and absolute evil. Instead of choosing between good and evil, we have placed indiscriminate values above all. These values are actively upheld and preached as the gospel of modern liberalism. The modern liberal cannot concede a moral or religious good because that would imply an equally certain evil. The only thing that modern liberalism considers wrong is to call its dogmas wrong.

What used to be moral principles in the US are thus under attack from the dogmas of liberalism. Hence, according to liberals, teen pregnancy isn't wrong but to call it wrong is wrong. Smoking marijuana isn't wrong, but to call it wrong is wrong. Twerking at the Grammys isn't wrong but to call it wrong is wrong. Homosexuality isn't wrong but to call it wrong is wrong. Same sex marriage isn't wrong but to call it wrong is wrong.

This lack of an anchor into our moral past creates a delusional understanding of the founding concepts of the United States. The ideal of liberty, for example, had at its roots a desire to good - to produce the most good for the greatest number of people. However, since in modern minds there is no such thing as "the Good," liberty becomes the modern ideal of "freedom to choose." There is no heed or care in the choice itself, the freedom to choose becomes its own moral imperative. Hence, a woman is free to choose death for her unborn children. Our children are also free to choose contraceptive drugs without prescription. Men are free to choose to carve and scar their bodies with piercings, gauges, and tattoos. We best not sneer or scoff at any of them, because their choices are what real freedom is all about.

This leaves people converted to the gospel of liberalism at the mercy of propagandists and ideologues. With no sense of past anchors, modern liberals cannot judge anything but by the standards set for them by conspiring men. Liberals have forgotten the past, and find themselves at the mercy of technocrats, propagandists, and snake-oil salesmen. Liberals are no longer aware that they have any past to forget. The lessons of the past are certainly not taught in our modern schools, only liberal dogmas.

To remember and to honor the hard-won achievements of our civilization is to have a fair chance of freedom; to forget them or despise them is to have no chance at all.