Sunday, February 2, 2014

Natalie Grant and Grammy Musings

It's true. I've never listened to Natalie Grant sing. As a matter of fact, I've rarely heard any gospel singers, as my music tastes tend toward the blues. And I've never watched the Grammys. They barely register on my radar.

But this year, the Grammys did register because of the media backlash over Natalie Grant walking out on what sounds like typical immoral behavior by entertainment elites. I also heard something about Beyonce twerking and a mass wedding ceremony including gay couples, both of which only prove that American entertainment has hit new lows in depravity.

I took to the news feeds to add my comments to the "controversy" over Grant. There were no surprises among the leftists and Born Again Atheists who soundly condemned Grant for her "hypocrisy." Apparently, she should have known that the Grammys were all about sex and not about music, so she had no"moral" basis to condemn the performers.

You have to shake your head at the double standard of the Born Again Atheists who get offended because Natalie Grant didn't want to watch a bunch of immoral idiots perform simulated sex acts on stage. And why is it that we should expect immorality at the Grammys as a "given" fact of Hollywood performers? Are they all such ill-mannered, immoral, sex-starved, intemperate oafs that they cannot perform without waving their genitals at the camera?

That, my friends, is not entertainment. That is merely proof of how debased and warped our society has become. I commend those who have the will and strength to stand up to evil, whatever its form.