Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What LIberals Really Think of Conservatives

 A short while ago, while commenting on a news story about same-sex marriage, one of my adoring fans wrote the following. I felt honored to have set this liberal off into explaining exactly what liberalism is all about:
And for the record, you're right, I DO hate you. I hate everyone like you. Why? Because people like you cause all of the problems in the world. People like you caused slavery. People like you kept women from voting and being able to own property. People like you beat and kill homosexuals. People like you bomb abortion clinics. People like you created Jim Crow laws. People like you cause children who are gay to kill themselves. People like you literally create Muslim terrorists because you support imperialistic American military policies. I could go on and on and about how people who hold your general set of beliefs have ruined the world, but I'd be here all day. Simply put, people like you are the scum of the Earth. You are uneducated and unwilling to get educated. You'd rather hate people different from you than accept and maybe even learn from them. Rather than live in peace, you start fights and wars. Rather than accept people different than you, you try to ruin their lives. You are a despicable human being, and everyone like you is a despicable human being, and when people like you die off eventually, the world will be such an amazingly beautiful place.
This is a brilliant example of how modern liberals think - or don't think, in this case. Let's ignore the blatant ad hominem attacks and the false causes for the moment, to focus on the real fallacy - that is the idea that modern liberalism is somehow superior to the very Western ideals that created it, the ideals that allow its Utopian view of the world to exist. Utopian liberalism denies the very roots of its creation in Western Civilization, in Western Christianity, in the Declaration of Independence, and in the Constitution in order to promote the pipe-dream world that will be "an amazingly beautiful place."

In place of a nation of equal opportunity, where Judeo-Christian morality offered the best hope of controlling the evils of conspiring men, modern liberalism wishes the world were somehow better when we are all accepting of...well...modern liberalism. In such a world, Utopian liberalism will be best achieved by preaching that immoral actions are really moral, that atheism and Marxism have never produced the most destructive empires of all time, that humans will always act in the best interests of others, and that, in fact, the only evil consists of a small group of old, white men who conspire together to create all the evil in the world.

And all that's necessary for such a Utopia is for evil conservatives like me to die off, since, apparently, we are the cause of all evil.

That, my friends, is the heart of modern liberalism and the destructive thinking that forms the basis of its doctrines.