Sunday, March 9, 2014

Five Self Evident Truths that Defy Modern Liberalism

George Washington - Zombie Slayer

Modern liberal dogmatists decry conservatives as being old-fashioned, racist, narrow-minded, and yes, even stupid. For an ideology that pays lip service to the ideals of equality and tolerance, it's almost axiomatic that modern liberalism condemns conservatism with the broad brushstrokes of intolerance.

To counter this, I offer five self evident truths that cut modern liberalism down to size. Conservatives can also play the broad brushstroke game. Fortunately for the ideals of modern conservatism, history is firmly on the side of reason.

1) The Founding Fathers were a lot smarter than Barack Obama, or George Bush, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, or Justice John Roberts, or....

The modern leaders of liberalism cannot conceive of a situation where the US Constitution would be necessary in its original form. Yet those who wrote the Constitution and those who supported the classical ideals that made it possible had years of practical and intimate knowledge with oppressive governments to warrant its creation. Yes, the Constitution was their best guess of a system of government that would resist the encroachment of tyranny. But I would place far more weight and ability in James Madison or Ben Franklin than in any modern politician.

Since it was written, the Constitution has protected Americans for over 220 years. It created a government that is far better, far wiser, and far more benign than any other in history. Certainly there have been problems and abuses. Those happen under any system of government where humans hold power. Power always corrupts in one way or another, and humans will always be corruptible.

The Founding Fathers understood this, accounted for it, and attempted to spread the power out among all the people of the United States. Power of the people is a better, wiser, and smarter system than all the collectivist, anti-colonialist, socialist crap that Barack Obama can preach. When power rests solely within the federal government, instead of among the states, or among the people, there is no doubt it will become as corrupt and abused as the Founding Fathers feared.

The Founding Fathers understood this, and de facto were a lot smarter than our present crop of government leaders.

2) The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect Americans from big government.

Along the same lines as above, the Founding Fathers also understood that the protections enumerated in the Bill of Rights were necessary to protect the people from its government. As a sample case in point, let's take the Second Amendment which protects the right to keep and bear arms.

A few weeks ago, news articles started appearing about how citizens in Detroit are arming themselves and fighting back against home invasions and lawlessness. (Source) Even the Detroit City Police Chief is on board with the idea. He understands several things: that Detroit is a broken city; that the police cannot protect its citizens at the moment violence occurs; that citizens are responsible enough to protect themselves when violence arises.

Currently, there is a lot of political pressure to remove the rights of citizens to protect themselves with guns. That particular brand of politics rests on the idea that government is the only source of protection of its citizens. This idea is based on the bankrupt ideals of socialism and statism, which argues that people are incapable of overcoming hardships on their own and need the all-powerful (and presumably all-benign) government to step in to protect its citizens.

Yet that ideology flies in the face of the facts. Where citizens' rights to bear arms has been upheld, crime rates drop. When Arizona passed its constitutional carry law (allowing individuals to conceal carry without a permit) government officials warned that lawlessness would prevail. The opposite has happened. Violent crime rates lowered even more to be about half of violent crime rates before Arizona adopted conceal carry laws. (Source)

Individual rights must be protected against the onslaught of government power and government abuse.

3) George Washington beats Barack Obama.

Let's face it, George Washington was a warrior - a true soldier who understood the purpose of the use of force, and more importantly, the purpose of giving up power when the job was done. Barack Obama is a nancy metrosexual who doesn't know the first thing about leading men on the field of battle.

And in a cage match, George Washington would beat the crap out of Obama.

4) The ideal of liberty is far more important than the concept of social equality.

With the rise of socialism in US government, the ideals of freedom and liberty have been supplanted with the French socialist ideals of equality. On the surface, the concept of equality sounds like an American ideal ("all men are created equal"), but it has changed over the years from the original "equality of opportunity" to the statist "equality of outcomes."

In modern liberal dogma, equality is something to be enforced by government, instead of having government protect the citizens' opportunities. Our current government has attempted to correct some of the abuses of equal protection under the law by creating a whole plethora of special class protections so that the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause has been irretrievably broken. Consider, for example, the concept of a "hate crime." Under current law, a murderer charged with a hate crime is somehow more odious and culpable than a murderer who killed someone in a more random act. This, of course, is ludicrous to anyone who has not been indoctrinated in liberal dogma. All citizens should be equally protected from murderers, regardless of the intent of the murder.

Liberty is a far more important concept to protect than modern concepts of equality. Liberty is the self-evident and inalienable right to be able to order our lives free from government interference. Government's sole purpose is to protect everyone's right to order his or her own life free from the oppression that only a government can dish out.

5) Utopian models always fail because of human nature.

As a historian, I wrote my doctoral thesis on utopian societies in the US. From Plymouth to Oneida, all failed because the communities were run by people, who fall prey to the common dilemma of human nature. Someone got greedy. Someone cheated the system. Someone rejected the ideals of the parents. Human nature tends toward the selfish, to work against the community as a whole.

Modern liberalism is partly based on the dogma of utopian socialism. Marx's concept was that humans would transcend their very natures to create a utopian communism, self-regulated and (eventually) government free.

This is a pipe dream and hits at the core of utopian liberal dogma. Such human-led communities have always failed and fallen. To believe that humans can create a government that can produce a benign and completely equal system is delusional. Just ask the Ukrainians under Stalin about equality. Just ask the Chinese under Mao's Great Leap Forward.

On a less drastic level, just ask the current middle class in America, who have lost 40 percent of their wealth since 2008, who continue to labor for less pay, who are the taxpayers of an inconceivable National Debt. This is the utopia of Obama's "progressive" America.