Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rewriting History the Liberal Way: The Myth of American Imperialism

Ever since Putin sent troops into the Crimea to "liberate" the Russian citizens there, the modern left has spent its time ridiculing conservatives because Bush "invaded" Iraq. Conservatives, they say, cannot take the moral high ground against Putin because, as they see it, Bush was evil. They see that somehow Bush's attempts to throw out the dictator Saddam Hussein, rid Iraq of WMDs (which they did have at one time), and reduce the threat of terrorism in the West was proof positive of American imperialism.

Of course, if that were true, how is it that Bush turned Iraq over to the Iraqis as soon as possible? (It was too soon, considering Iraq's struggles since the reduction in US troops.)

Yet if America is the imperial power that the left says we are, then why didn't we stay in Iraq to exploit it to our advantage? Why aren't our troops there now forcing Iraqis to pump oil to supply our SUVs and pickups?

On the flip side, now that Putin controls the Crimea, we'll see what real imperialism looks like - forcing the short-lived independent countries of the former Soviet Union back under the paw of the Russian military. The Ukraine will be next. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland - the writing is on the wall.

Certainly the government and the people of the US have made mistakes in our growth to become the best and most prosperous nation in all history. Yes, we had slavery at a time when slavery was accepted practice. Yes, we took lands from the natives, correctly thinking that Western Civilization creates a better life for all individuals who adopt its ideals.

We are, after all, a country of humans who make human mistakes.

Yet, we created a country, not based on ethnicity, but on an idea. America is the first country to ever do that, and the experiment has worked beautifully.

Now liberal dogma has rewritten history in its own image. It preaches the Big Lie in the schools and throughout the media that America is the cause of all the wars and evil in the world today. If America would just leave the other countries alone, to do their own thing, then peace and love and harmony and Kumbaya would prevail.

That's all a pipe dream, a Kool-Aid induced stupor, wishful thinking, and a denial of real history. Anyone who studies history (not through the rainbow-colored glasses of university "studies") can immediately discern how false a view of the world liberal dogma presents us.

Anyone who looks at the great evils of the 20th Century can immediately point out that the Soviet Union was an evil empire, killing and enslaving its own people. (The Ukrainians haven't forgotten that six to eight million of their people starved to death under Stalin's reign.)

America? When we destroyed Japan for starting a war with us in 1941, what did we do afterward? We rebuilt the country, forcing democracy on them at the same time, with the result that they became one of the most prosperous and peace-loving countries in the world.

There is really no comparison between the US with other imperialist nations.

Modern liberal dogma isn't merely wrong, it is dangerous. It threatens to undo what America really stands for - the idea on which America was founded.

Yet, in just six years, President Obama has convinced the rest of the world that we are no longer interested in the ideals of our foundations.

And now the rest of the bullies have been let out of the cage. They will show us in the next few years what imperialism really looks like.