Monday, March 24, 2014

The Snarky Files: Week Ending March 22, 2014

The Snarky Files. Snarky has several definitions. I prefer "sharply critical." Here's my take on some news stories this past week. No real news here, just snark.

The Laughable President
Earlier this week, Russia's deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin actually laughed off President Obama's proposed sanctions against Russia for taking over the Crimea, asking "Comrade@BarackObama" if "some prankster" had come up with the list of sanctions. Rogozin was immediately condemned by the US national news MSNBCBSABCNN for "being a racist."

"We're saddened that Russia doesn't take President Obama seriously," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. "This just proves that Russians are all racist and must be badgered by every "real" news media until the deputy prime minister apologizes to the people of the United States."

"Further," he went on to say, "seven people from Obama Organizing for Action and thirty-two people from Occupy Wall Street have vowed to picket Russia until the Russians apologize for being so insensitive to the plight of blacks in America."

"This may spark further sanctions," he said.

Is Ukraine Next?
Seriously. Will Putin invade Ukraine next? Because that's what real imperialists do.

Thank you Barack Obama for removing any doubt in Vladimir Putin's mind that you are completely incompetent at United States foreign policy.

After All, Russia Has the Bomb
A news anchor on Soviet Russian television pronounced that Russia is capable of turning the United States into a radioactive pile of ash. Which only goes to prove that news casters in Russia are still mindless voices of the state - just like their American counterparts.

Death to Infidels!
No, I'm not talking of another Muslim attack on the West. This week Lawrence Torcello, a philosophy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, published a paper suggesting that those who "campaign funding misinformation" about climate change "ought to be considered criminally negligent."

Yep, he's saying that if you actively campaign to stop government from draconian measures to punish people for "climate change" then you ought to be thrown in prison.

Totalitarian states all start with an idea about who is or is not allowed to participate in the public debate. Maybe climate change ideologues will be our tipping point?

Or Maybe Totalitarians Will be Gays
There are few ideologies in the US whose adherents are more vitriolic than those who support same sex marriage. For a group of people who call marriage supporters haters, gay groupthink simply cannot see past its own boundaries to the duplicity of its own position. Gay activists say they only want love and tolerance, as long as everyone else agrees with their dogmatic point of view.

Given that gay ideology is supported by more and more federal judges, it seems likely that the US totalitarian state will finally take its form under the guise of "tolerance."

He Did It, Not Me
A transgendered woman, named Donna, charged with the murders of three prostitutes claimed that she was not responsible for the murders because Doug, the man she was, no longer exists. "I don't know if Doug did or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or did not," she said.

How far do you think this defense will go, riding on the coattails of LGBT dogma?

OH NOah!
Well, the movie Noah opens next week. I'm really not a fan of Hollywood movies that tackle Biblical stories. They always seem to find some interpretation, completely contrary to the text, that pushes some agenda or another.

Noah is no exception.

When God (or the Creator as Noah calls him without ever using the word God) decided to wipe out all humans in a great flood, what is the great sin of humanity? Pride? Worshipping false idols? Murder? Sodomy? Dog beating?

Nope. According to the movie, the great sin of humanity is not believing in global warming.

Al Gore would be so proud.