Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ask Euripides: Common Liberal Attacks Against Conservatism

Whenever I speak truth against the lies of modern liberal dogma, inevitably I get accused of being the devil incarnate and accused of the most heinous of crimes, up to and including being the root cause of Hitler's Holocaust. (This, of course, despite the fact that my father was a US Army Air Corps navigator during WWII.)

Such trivialities don't matter to those indoctrinated into the Mysteries of Liberalism (they are a mystery to me at least). In response, here's a short list of things I've been accused of, posed in the form of a question (just like on Jeopardy!).

"I'll take liberal attacks for $100 Alex."

What's wrong with change?
Absolutely nothing. Conservatives aren't against changing the status quo. In fact, the whole point of modern liberalism is to stem the current status quo tax and spend government.

However, change, merely for the sake of change, ignoring the lessons of history and rejecting the ideas of great thinkers such as John Locke and Thomas Jefferson, is a dangerous way to run a government.

Isn't the Constitution outdated?
The US Constitution isn't the end-all of government systems. That's why the Framers created a means to amend it.

However, the ideas behind the Constitution - limited government and individual rights - are such great ideas that they will never become outdated, no matter how many Supreme Court justices say that we need to accept a "living Constitution."

A living Constitution is no constitution at all, because when we can interpret law according to the whims of a single judge, or attorney general, or president, then we lose a most valuable protection - the rule of law.

Without the rule of law, government becomes a dangerous and oppressive entity. How do we know this? Just ask the Framers of the Constitution, who fought against the tyranny of a government that no longer responded to its citizens.

Don't conservatives want us all to return to the Dark Ages?
Or the 1950s - whichever seems most evil to liberals.

The simple answer to this question is no. Conservatives have no intention of creating a society of Dark Age oppression. The exact opposite is true, and it's laughable to accuse modern conservatives of wanting to increase government control when modern liberalism is doing such a great job of it already.

Less government control, a return to individual rights, less government spending, those are hardly a call for a return to the Dark Ages.

Yes, that means that we should give up the liberal darlings of social welfare, especially since after 70 years of such policies, all that we've really accomplished is out-of-control spending and a statist government.

Government spends trillions and grows ever larger and threatens the very freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

You hate poor people and don't want them to have insurance.
Bzzzzzzz. Sorry, that wasn't in the form of a question, but I'll answer it anyway.

Of course conservatives don't hate poor people. Having struggled all my life to provide for my family, the accusation is ludicrous on a personal and on a theoretical level. In fact, I've lived several years without insurance because it was too expensive.

Now that Obamacare's kicked in, do you know what? My insurance is even more expensive than every and I cannot afford it.

I don't hate the poor. I hate stupid government programs that pretend to do good, while hurting the very people those in government have sworn to protect.

Don't you hate Obama because he's black?
No. I hate Obama's policies because they're hurting the Constitution and ignoring the rule of law.

That Obama is a black man is irrelevant - an observation that liberals cannot seem to grasp.

What's wrong with marriage equality?
Marriage equality sounds like a good ol' American value, doesn't it? Except that the forces behind the drive for marriage equality want anything but equality.

Gay activists want to us the force of US law to make it illegal to "discriminate" against gays, which basically means that they want to force all Americans to accept the gay lifestyle as normative.

It ain't gonna happen.

And making laws that force Americans to treat men's and women's physical differences the same is not equality. It's just silly.

When special interests use political force to create "equality," we've become a society that is anything but equal.

You're just a homophobe.
Bzzzzzzz. Sorry, that wasn't in the form of a question, but I'll answer it anyway.

I have absolutely no fear of homosexuals, so the term you use is inaccurate. I also don't hate homosexuals. Truth be told, I could care less about what homosexuals think.

Except when they try to force public opinion into acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle through the use of political force.

Any group which attempts to overthrow the rule of law in order to gain political power is a danger to the rule of law and to individual freedom.

Gay activists want to legally redefine the institution of marriage, an institution that is as old as history, merely to uphold their beliefs which are based on immoral premises.

The push for same sex marriage also threatens the 1st Amendment.

The push for same sex marriage is another, another force trying to destroy the family, the basic and fundamental unit of society.

In Conclusion
All of these questions, accusations, and attacks are delivered with vehement anger, gnashing of teeth, and with vitriol. The very people who promote "tolerance" demonstrate the most intolerant and divisive of behavior.

They are angry with me merely because I have spoken the truth.