Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Courage to Stand Up for What Is Right, Part Two

Last week, I reported how proud I was of a group of high school choir students who walked out on an immoral and degrading concert number provided by the Lyric Opera at Arizona State University. You can read the original here.

Since then, the largest news agency in Arizona AZCentral.com ran a "news" story about how ASU officials were "forced" to apologize to the parents of students who walked out on the show.

Predictably, the overwhelming reaction was to condemn the students for being "naive" and the parents for being "controlling."

I've included some choice remarks from the news comment section who apparently wish to promote lewd and immoral behavior. Keep in mind, however, the following:

1) The students didn't go see a production of RENT. They were at a state choir competition and were invited to see some of ASU's choirs perform.

2) The students who walked out (most of the audience) did so because they had the courage to stand up for what they believed was right and good. They chose not to watch the production from RENT because they didn't want to subject themselves to its vile message.

Now on to the comments:
It is ASU...they do all kinds of stuff like this on stage, they are big on art for social change. Lastly "pornagraphic"? Ha. Pa-lease. So you saw buttcheeck and someone dry humped a table...the same s**t happens in the Broadway versions. Welcome to the performing arts
Welcome to Lilly whiteville where everyone is pure in Gilbert... Lol 
That is ridiculous! Do your research kid!!! congrats to ASU for really opening up and showing us true art through this amazing play. 
What a joke! these kids have been doing worse things at school dances and sleep overs. Parents should have asked questions before sending there kids somewhere.
Besides the atrocious spelling, grammar, and mechanics, these comments are a small sample of the "outrage" over parents who complained to ASU for exposing their children to a song from a raunchy, lewd, and inappropriate Broadway musical.

Yes, we now have those who defend immorality as a public good and "edgy" theatre as a moral mandate.

I am still heartened by the students who walked out of the performance. Not all youth are as willing to wallow in the garbage heap of modern art.