Monday, May 12, 2014

Liberal Equality Is Never Equal

The other day, while waiting to watch a news video on the internet, I was subjected to a cell phone commercial. I didn't pay much attention to it (as I tend to ignore all advertising). At the end, however, I did notice the four "professional" women decided to "close" on a deal to use the cell phones. To the side, the one man in the group, looking like a bumbler, mimicked the women's gesture, showing that he too could make a decision like the women could.

It was a subtle, yet all-too pervasive, means of degrading men in order to make women look strong.

We see such examples all the time. The media constantly puts men down in order to elevate women. Men who are shown as strong and capable are the bad guys, the antagonists, or the obstacle to be overcome.

Liberal dogma places the concept of "equality" at the top of its list of ideals - ahead of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. On the surface, the concept of equality sounds like a good-old American value.

Yet, in the mind of the liberal, equality isn't equal. Within liberal dogma, equality is connected with the socialist ideal getting rid of the distinctions between classes - economic, sexual, racial, or whatever. Wherever there are differences, liberalism sees oppression and an opportunity to exercise political power in order to bring down "the oppressors."

Here are a few examples:

Feminists pay lip service to the idea that women don't hate men, and at some level, that is true.

Yet the dogmas of feminism continually raise women up by putting men down. From Disney movies featuring the bumbling father, to commercials where men cannot make decisions without a woman, the dogma dictates that in order to raise up women, men must be denigrated.

This is not equality. This merely substitutes one power structure for another, by switching gender roles for women.

Feminists can only promote their concepts of equality be denigrating men, and taking from them their roles in society as fathers and caretakers.

One of the tools of feminist dogma is the absolute belief that abortion represents true equality for women. After all, if women don't have any responsibility to the unborn, or to the biological imperative, or to the raising of children, then they are free to become like men.

Abortionists can only promote their concepts of equality by denigrating the value of human life.

Gay dogma is the latest liberal group to join the equality mantra, pushing for same sex marriage with the ideal of "marriage equality."

Yet homosexuals and gay activists use their newly found political power to join feminists in debasing men and masculinity, as well as joining Born Again Atheists in condemning religion as the Great Oppressor.

The results of gay dogma are similar to feminist ideals. The dogma can only promote its concepts of equality by denigrating religion, families, traditional marriage, and anyone who thinks that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman.

Liberal dogma is now so entrenched with socialism, that the very concept of the market economy has come under attack. Yet, under liberal ideals, economic equality can only come about by demonizing people who actually make money. (Except for those millionaires and billionaires who pay lip service to liberalism.)

Socialism is completely based on the concepts of oppression and destroying the wealthy.

The dogma can only promote its concepts of equality by denigrating the rich, leaving the door wide open to created a government of elite dictators.

Liberal dogma is absolutely based on the concept that Western Civilization is evil, merely because humans do evil things. This is a clear case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Liberals have created a moral imperative to denigrate the whole of Western culture, based on the notion that the culture produced evil. Yet it is power that corrupts, and individuals who abuse power who promote evil.

The danger in liberalism's naive and stupid concept blinds people to the true nature and sources of evil. Liberal dogmas produce even more evil by tearing down the very institutions that allowed liberalism to flourish.

Liberal dogma against Western culture can only promote its concepts of equality by denying its own foundations.


A liberal once asked me what was so wrong with "equality?"

The answer, of course, is that there's nothing wrong with equality. Modern liberalism, however, is based on false premise that in order to promote equality, we must tear down anyone and any institution that gets in the way.

The French tried this approach to equality during the French Revolution, with disastrous results. You cannot gain real equality by supplanting political power with more political power.