Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evil in Iraq - Video of ISIS Terrorists in Iraq WARNING: Extremely Graphic

I debated whether I should post the following. It is a video of ISIS, terrorists who have banded together to create an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. I finally decided that it is more important to uncover evil where it exists, and to lay it bare for what it is.

Evil should not be hidden so that it can grow and expand in secrecy. Brought into the light, evil can be seen for what it truly is. We cannot accept it. We must not glorify it. Above all, we must not let our own government and news agencies mask and sanitize it.

US troops fought and pushed this evil out of Iraq. They do the same to root out and to destroy this evil in Afghanistan. Yet President Obama and his neolib friends continue to assure us that such evil really doesn't exist. We are told that these men are merely "freedom fighters" whose culture and religion rest on the premises of peace and world brotherhood.

They are not. They are savages, promoting the worst kinds of violence in order to gain power and to force others to bend to their will.

They are evil.

I give fair warning. This video is extremely graphic. I mean it. It shows what death looks like administered by ISIS terrorists. It shows fanatic leadership. It shows men who behave as beasts.

And through it all they they praise their God as they perform heinous acts of murder.

Do not put these images into your mind if you cannot handle them. Also, those of my friends who have PTSD should avoid this as well.

I cannot support a president or a government that so badly handled the troop withdrawal in Iraq and that ignores the continued threat to freedom and peace that these terrorists pose. I cannot support an American ideology that preaches that there is no evil in the world, or that we need to accept all cultures as equally valid.