Monday, June 16, 2014

Gay Dogma and the Application of Force

This past week I had some time to make the rounds on various news websites in order to add my two cents to the comments sections. Delving into the liberal media has always felt like swatting at flies on a hot, summer day. No matter how many flies you take down, there are hundreds more swarming around to ruin your afternoon.

One story caught my attention, just for the absurdity of the "news" it purported to report. Texas governor Rick Perry was interviewed at a club in San Francisco, and, as anyone could have expected, was asked his views on homosexuality. He responded: "I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way."

There were gasps from the audience.

Of course there were. That's because gay dogma has reached such a point in its quest to become mainstream that any belief which doesn't conform is considered nearly illegal.

During the discussion following the CBS news story, I made the point:
Gay politics used to be about privacy in the bedroom. Now gay politics is all about forcing everyone to accept and condone homosexual behavior by any social and legal force available. This includes lying about homosexuality to preach its dogmas to the youngest generation. 
I could care less about homosexual behavior. I do care when the dogmas of the Religion of Homosexuality are forced on us.
This elicited the response:
how are they being forced on you? you can choose what to listen to, what programs to watch. knowing is forcing you to watch guy on guy porn. I mean who is to judge whats bad behavior. you have your right to believe whatever and your entitled to an opinion but cmon dude relax a bit.
The guy who wrote this eloquent diatribe has a point. How are gay dogmas being forced on me? Am I overreacting to the whole gay civil rights movement?

I took a look at my past experiences for some answers.

When I first began blogging in 2008, I was working to support an amendment to the Arizona constitution that defined marriage between a man and a women. At the time, those of us who wanted to protect marriage realized the political pressure to change the law, and to change the definition of marriage, supported by growing and well-funded gay advocacy groups. We proposed the amendment as a defense against the rising force to change the definition of marriage.

This was the same year that Proposition 8 passed in California - the same type of state constitutional amendment that we passed in Arizona. When Proposition 8 passed, gay activists erupted with indignation, immediately garnering millions of dollars to challenge the new law in the court system. They also attacked any one or any groups that supported the law. Most notably were the attacks on the Catholic and Mormon churches, whose general membership supported traditional marriage.

By attacks, I mean legal and physical attacks. Churches were defaced and picketed. Law suits were brought up. Proposition 8 donation records were made public. Individuals were singled out and publicly destroyed.

All this took place with the help of the mainstream media, which wore supporting same sex marriage as a badge of honor.

The challenge to Proposition 8 was fast-tracked all the way up to the Supreme Court, which, while not throwing out the law itself, stripped it of any meaning, which has allowed the gay activist machine to knock over state law after state law, like a row of dominoes.

That is force.

Gay activists use money and politics to change the very nature of society, marriage, families, education, and privacy.

What about the media? Can the media use force?

Yes, I can certainly choose what to listen to or what programs to watch. However, the media have become so immersed in the immoral, that it's impossible to turn it all off. (I suppose I could become a hermit with blinders and a tin foil hat.)

As a matter of principle, I gave up watching most television a long, long time ago. There simply isn't enough time in the day to waste my time watching what mostly had become either drivel, or immoral, or simply uninteresting.

Ignoring television works, up to the point where I want to enjoy some entertainment. For example, I and my family enjoy watching and participating in theatre. As I wrote last week about watching the Tony Awards, we all anticipated that we would be forced to endure some amount of liberal dogma. We were not disappointed as the opening of the show consisted of Hugh Jackman insulting anyone who doesn't support same sex marriage.

Sure, I could not watched the Tonys. Instead, I endure and ignore the continued efforts to push homosexual dogmas on the world.

I could stop watching the one show that I think is mostly clever and funny, but has its "obligatory" homosexual statement each week. It's not a show about homosexuality. In fact, it has no sex in it at all, except for the weekly homosexual innuendo. This show isn't unique. Somehow, Hollywood writers feel the need to include indoctrination into just about every show that becomes popular.

In order to get away from it, do I have to ignore all shows and subject myself to Duck Dynasty or Shark Week?

Oh wait. While Duck Dynasty is immune from homosexual dogmas, the media had a heyday raking one of its cast members over the coals for supporting traditional marriage.

That is force.

The news is filled with stories about gay activists and homosexual dogmas. Movies nearly always include some bit of propaganda endorsing homosexuality. Its dogmas are preached in the schools, at the universities, and now across the pulpits of "enlightened" Christian churches.

Arizona tried to pass a law protecting religious freedom. Gay activists, the media, and even the NFL decried the law, calling for the governor to veto it.

Sports teams are increasingly challenged to conform to gay dogma. Michael Sams was celebrated as the first openly gay member of the NFL. Donald Sterling had to sell his NBA team afer being slammed for remarks about gays.

Even in the books I love to read, I have to either skip whole sections or stop reading because authors find ways to include gay dogma into the writing.

That is force.

While I've fought against the abuse of power over the years, liberals continue to bury any individual or group who doesn't agree with them. Whether it's same sex marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, the decapitation of the military, destructive socialist programs, deficit spending, or the Absolute Faith in government, all these doctrines use the abuse of power to stifle opposition and to force immoral dogmas onto the unwilling.