Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Thoughts on Iraq's Violence and the US Responses in the Mideast

It was before the 2012 election that President Obama pulled every soldier out of Iraq in order to convince Americans to vote for him again. After all, he had personally killed Osama bin Laden (or so people think) and he ended that illegal war that Bush had started (or so people think).
After pulling troops out of Iraq, al-Qaeda terrorists who call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - ISIS - are now tearing the country apart, destroying lives and property, and leaving a vicious and corrupt regime in their wake.
The media blame Bush for the ongoing troubles. After all, he invaded Iraq without provocation (or so people think). It was Obama, however, who pulled troops out of Iraq at any and all costs. He has thrown away the blood and battles of American soldiers who threw al-Qaeda out of Iraq and who seriously challenged Shi'a terrorists.
It is easier to maintain the peace, than conquer it. Obama's foreign policy, however, doesn't recognize this axiom. Instead, his policy shifts with the sandy winds of the Mideast deserts, supporting some policies, ignoring others. Americans too have become short-sighted, allowing the media to convince them that we had to leave Iraq at all costs.
Obama has announced that the US will pull troops out of Afghanistan by 2016, giving the terrorists a schedule from which to plan an assault on the fragile government of that troubled country. Seeing the turmoil now in Iraq, it seems inevitable that Afghanistan will be another lost opportunity. Such losses come at the price of the blood of thousands of innocents.
Most agree that Libya is worse off after France's and Obama's military aid led to the overthrow of Gaddafi. The sectarian fighting there created the chaos that led to terrorists destroying the American consulate in Benghazi and to the death of four Americans, including the US ambassador.
Syria is no better off after Obama failed to maintain his "red line." He had to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for assistance. Syria is now a wasteland of chaos and turmoil that invites further abuse by ISIS.
What is lacking in all of this is a clear US policy that would allow the US to maintain forces and a Mideast presence to keep the unstable governments of Afghanistan and Iraq stabilized. Whatever the public distaste for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is now in US interests to stay for the long haul. Without that  policy and maintenance, the US can be guaranteed another run in with genocidal tyrants and anti-US governments based on radical Islam.
The policy of using drone attacks, then leaving, was shown to be a failure in Libya. The Obama administration is now considering the same policy against ISIS in Iraq. Such a policy will fail.
Ignoring terrorism leads to disaster. Neolibs like Obama have created elaborate mythologies about Islamic history that simply ignores the realities. Obama suffers from postmodernist delusions about Islam that allow him to bow to kings, to make NASA into a Muslim outreach program, to create new and interesting ways not to say the words "Muslim terrorists," to romanticize his father's connection to Islam, or to declare radical Islam as "secular."
What such poor policy has led to in the past, and will always lead to, is conflict with the people of the Mideast. We learned that lesson on 9/11. Let's hope that we don't have to be reminded of the dangers of radical Islam with another such demonstration.