Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Obama's Blame Thrower

In the movie Mystery Men, Dr. Heller invents a weapon called a Blame Thrower. When activated, it causes anyone in its path to start blaming others. The blame throwing gets more and more heated with no one taking responsibility.

This past week, Obama once again pulled out the Blame Thrower, taking aim against Republicans and conservatives, something he's been doing his entire administration. Here's his latest example from a speech given in Minneapolis:
We can't afford to wait for Congress right now. That's why I'm going ahead and moving ahead without them wherever I can. 
They're not doing anything, and then they're mad that I'm doing something. I'm not sure which of the things I've done they find most offensive, but they've decided they're going to sue me for doing my job. 
Obama's Blame Thrower tactics have now turned to disregarding Congress - the representation of the people of the US. Instead, claiming the moral authority of his own self delusion, he is now taken on himself the task of creating law.

What really ticks me off about Obama and the current administration is Obama's utter disregard, disrespect, and denigration for anyone in the US who doesn't think like him. This is the heart of neo-liberal dogma - the abuse and denigration of anyone who doesn't agree with the neolib agenda.

Obama accuses "the other side" of not being able to think for themselves. Doesn't this smack just a wee bit of duplicity? In effect, he's saying "If you agree with me, you're thinking for yourself. If you disagree with me, you've obviously been brainwashed."

There are few presidents in the US who have had such little regard for the citizens of the US. Barack Obama tops the list.