Monday, July 14, 2014

Star Trek, Harry Mudd, and Liberal Logic

This past week, while trying to puzzle out once again the logic behind the Obama administration, I was reminded of the original Star Trek episode, I, Mudd. Harry Mudd is a con man who ends up on a planet run by androids who give him everything he wants, but trap him there in the mistaken belief that they are "helping" him.

In one of the final scenes, Kirk, Mudd, and the crew of the Enterprise defeat the androids by using paradoxes and illogic to destroy the logical mind of the central computer.

The final blow to the android representing the main computer comes from the Liar's Paradox. Kirk tells the android that Mudd always lies. That is a given. Mudd, in return, says "I am lying." The paradox comes from the problem that Mudd can't both be lying and telling the truth. Faced with such a paradox, the android's brain melts down and the computer dies.

Now back to the Obama administration. Obama is a master of paradoxes, half truths, concealments, double talk, and obfuscation. Whatever he says comes out as a paradox.

A case in point was his last round of un-presidential behavior when he refused to visit the Texas border with Governor Rick Parry, then claimed he didn't do so because he's "not interested in photo-ops."

It is obvious, however, that Obama is interested in photo ops, whenever, and however he can get them. It's also obvious from his photo-ops that Obama would rather drink beer and play pool than deal with the current crisis at the border.

We can assume that whatever President Obama says, as well as the rest of his administration, is a lie.

After piling enough of them, like the android from Star Trek, eventually our heads, and the country, will implode from the illogic of it.