Monday, August 25, 2014

A Sure-Fire Litmus Test to Identify Modern Liberalism

Modern liberalism pretends to the ideals of tolerance and equality. Yet modern liberalism can be identified, without fail, by its intolerance of religion. Modern liberalism cannot abide religion, especially Christianity, because religion competes ideologically with leftist liberal dogma. Modern liberalism can always be identified, and its most harmful doctrines exposed, by simply looking at how much modern liberals condemn religion.

As a sure-fire litmus test of modern liberal ideals, you can know with complete certainty that any of its doctrines is one-hundred and eighty degrees from reality by asking the simple question: "Does this ideal inspire liberals to condemn religion?"

Note that many churches have caved into the expediency of political correctness. The attacks I mention are against religion in general, not against many individual Christian churches, although some churches such as the Catholic Church or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do come under fire because they, out of all of Christianity, maintain competing doctrines against leftist ideals.

Here are a few cases in point:

Abortion is a major component of modern liberal dogma. There are fewer rabid humans in the world than feminists defending their sacred right to kill babies in the seductive guise of women's "choice." Inevitably, any discussion of the life of a fetus is met with anti-religious rhetoric.

For example, Joy Behar, of the TV show The View, said this about a Virginia law to require women to have an ultrasound when considering whether or not to have an abortion: "It's like, what are we? What is this, the Taliban now? What are we, in Afghanistan? Where are we exactly in this country?" (Ah yes - the old plea to demonize religion into its most abhorrent forms in order to shame religious people into being more "tolerant.")

A blogger put it this way: "The "pro-life" movement's drive to save babies has no noble purpose, because the real goals are to bring more souls to Jesus, punish women, and stamp out pleasure." (Because abortion is such a pleasure? Or maybe the pleasure comes from uninhibited hedonism with no consequences?)

Many modern liberals ultimately resort to slogans such as "the Bible: a book written by sheep for sheep." (Because blindly following leftist dogma is so much more enlightening?)

Same sex marriage is another modern liberal doctrine that has little room for tolerance of opposing viewpoints. After Proposition 8 passed in California, constitutionally defining marriage as between a man and a woman, gay activists went on the rampage - not against the vast majority of Blacks who overwhelmingly voted for Proposition 8 - but against, you guessed it, the Catholics and the Mormons.

One video went so far as to depict Mormon missionaries as Gestapo-like, barging into peoples' homes to demand that they vote against gay marriage. The liberalized campaign succeeded in demonizing the Mormons, and religion in general, because modern liberal ideals can only succeed through the subversion of religion.

In another highly publicized ordeal that occurred just around the brouhaha of Proposition 8, the left brutalized Miss California Carrie Prejean, for her honest answer to the loaded question of whether or not she supported same sex marriage. She stated, in the Miss America pageant, that she believed marriage was between a man and a woman. The outcry and furor came swiftly, ruining her career. (From the reaction of the gay activists, you'd think that she'd confessed to being a cannibalistic version of Hitler.) She was excoriated for her views (there were Facebook hate sites dedicated to her) but what also suffered under the wrath of modern liberals was her religion.

We can find anti-religious rhetoric among the secular community. Of course secularism condemns religion in general, but the truly converted secularists, the Born Again Atheists, attack religion with all the zeal of the true fanatic. These are the atheists who cannot leave religion alone and who simply cannot abide living in the same world with people who are religious.

As one blogger noted: "Religious nuts just rang my doorbell and woke me up. I wanted to kill them. Instead, I said 'May Satan be with you.' Then slammed the door." (That'll teach them for "pushing" religion in his face!)

Or, how about this gem complaining about Christians celebrating Christmas: "[It's] the time of year when religious f$^k nuts come out of the wood work with their complete lack of education and further prove their stupidity by complaining about things they have no clue about." (By the way, foul language is endemic to leftist dogma. Having no moral base, modern liberals turn to the lowest common denominator of poor language to prove their sophistication.)

As a last example, take the success over the popular Broadway Musical, The Book of Mormon Musical. Religion, especially religion attached to organized religion - widely perceived as cannon fodder for liberal jokes - is thoroughly debased by the creators of the stupid and nihilistic cartoon South Park. Full of vulgarity (endemic to leftist thought, remember?) and juvenile jokes about Mormon beliefs, this musical appeals to the basest desires to demonize someone, anyone, in the name of political correctness. We can't make fun of Blacks or women or terrorists or perverts or gays or animal activists or porn stars or anyone on the liberal empowerment propaganda team, but liberals can at least make fun of a people who generally happen to believe their religion (and who are at the top of the hit list among many practicing Christians).

And that is the true nature of leftist dogma. Religion must be subverted in order for modern liberalism to thrive because, when held up side-by-side in a fair comparison, liberals know that their doctrine is morally bankrupt nihilism that cannot stand up under close scrutiny, nor under the ideals of consistent moralism.