Friday, August 1, 2014

School Sponsored Sexuality Film Festival

Dear Professor [Euripides]:

I was walking down the hall to your class today when I saw a poster advertising a "Sexuality Film Festival" at the school. It was sponsored by your department. I have to ask if this is for real? Is your department really showing movies about sex and handing out free condoms? Did you know that this is going on?

I want you and your department to know how offensive that is, to use my tuition money in order to show movies about sex. I pay more and more tuition every year to come here for an education only to find this stuff being sold to unsuspecting students as "education."

The poster said that the movies are being shown to make us aware of STIs and are free to the community. (I had to look up STI. I thought those were called STDs but I guess the word "disease" is too harsh a word for chlamydia or AIDS.)

I can't believe these movies. Two of them make fun of religion for not supporting gays. One's about Islam and the other rips on the Bible. That sort of thing really offends me, how they have to rip on religion in order to prove how tolerant they are. One movie can't leave India alone and describes itself as helping to "drag India kicking and screaming into modern life," like the most important thing in the world is to make all the Indian people act like Americans. The most offensive is the movie about the "Vagina Monologues." I've heard about this one before and am disgusted that the school would think so little of women as to bring this kind of show on campus.

I told my friends at school about this and they can't believe it either. I'm complaining about the sex movies to your department and to the president of the school. I hope you will also add your voice to protest of this stupid film festival.

Thanks for reading this.
[Name Withheld]

Reply from Euripides:

I am more than happy to complain about the senseless waste of department resources which brought this pornography to school in the guise of education. You must realize that the people who sponsor this kind of thing have absolutely no concept of right or wrong and cannot imagine that such a film festival could be anything other than enlightening. This is the academic hubris of the left.

You should also realize that by complaining we set ourselves up to be "intolerant, misogynistic, racist, homophobes," don't you? (Yes, even though you are a woman, you too can be a misogynist if you don't buy into the whole feminist ideal.) Complaining against what most people recognize as pornographic dreck is usually answered with vehement spew and hatred.

I mention this so that you are prepared for the backlash you'll receive by complaining about the sacred cow of feminism and gay rights - unrestrained hedonism. Still, we'll press on in the cause of truth.

(Note: I've edited the student letter to correct a few spelling and grammar mistakes.)