Monday, September 1, 2014

Beware the S'More! Government Guidelines on Cooking Marshmallows

One of government's legitimate roles is to protect the people of the US. However, by today's definitions of "protection," the federal government has clearly overstepped it boundaries by wasting taxpayer money on huge bureaucracies, staffed by thousands of employees who sit around trying to justify their jobs by producing reports, memos, guidelines, and regulations.

Nothing is quite so odious about our federal government than the legions of bureaucrats who become petty aristocrats, ruling their fiefdoms by imposing regulation on top of regulation.

Obamacare is a quintessential example of what happens when the bureaucracy rules. Through Obamacare, the federal government mandates regulations and taxes on health insurance companies. Those, in turn, create bureaucracies of regulation, interference, and general mucking around with the system, which in turn increases costs and decreases efficiency.

If the bureaucracy hasn't quite caught up to the cost increases, we'll certainly see that down the road a bit as the medical insurance system drags health care practice down to the speed of its ever-growing bureaucracy, roughly to that of a dry slug on a hot sidewalk.

We should also be concerned with the ever-growing nanny state mentality within the federal government. This stems first from bureaucrats who have nothing better to do than to think of new problems to solve, or to create new regulations to enforce.

One example comes from the USDA.

A groups of bureaucrats, sitting somewhere in USDA offices, are tasked with writing blogs to inform people about useless warnings. I was pointed to one of my friends to one of these USDA blogs. Apparently, my friend has no other life than to read USDA blogs?

At any rate, the blog from the USDA pointed out the dangers of roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. Yes, of course, the biggest danger to the blogger was inherent in eating marshmallows. You know, all that sugar just packed into marshmallows isn't good for children. It goes on to suggest substituting the chocolate with pineapple slices, to substituting marshmallows with marshmallow spread (to control the amount), or to slice a banana and sprinkle tiny chocolate chips on top instead of serving s'mores.


You know, I'm fine with the idea of parents cutting down the amount of sugar our children eat. I'm fine with the idea that parents teach children how to be safe around campfires. (I learned how to be safe around campfires by burning a hole in my foot.)

But part of our tax dollars are spent to pay the salaries of bureaucrats who sit around all day trying to justify their own jobs by making up blogs on the virtues of replacing the chocolate in s'mores with warm pineapple.

And that, in a nutshell, is precisely what is wrong with having our federal government grow so large. There is nothing in any constitutional mandate or government law that can justify the salaries of USDA bloggers.

And I'm having doubts about justifying the salaries of the members of Congress who create these bureaucrats.