Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Time We Admit That Modern Liberalism Has Failed America

Americans, especially those who lean left, are in denial about the dangers we face with our current government. After more than 50 years of progressive government, dating back to Johnson's failed "Great Society," and with a brief interlude during the 1980s, we can get a pretty good picture of the lack of success with social welfare programs and with the inculcation of progressive dogmas.

Sure, we've made great strides in civil rights, despite the best efforts of liberals to maintain race, gender, and class warfare. But civil rights has gained general acceptance in the US based on the constitutional values of free speech and equal protection, not on the liberal ideal of protected classes.

The ever louder and ever shriller voices that decry racists, misogynists, and homophobes only underline the desperate attempts to maintain the progressive status quo. (Which is to say that progressivism needs an enemy to blame in order to survive.)

Despite progressive dogmas, not because of them, Americans still enjoy unprecedented freedoms and opportunities.

Looking at the freedom and liberty guaranteed by the Constitution, it's time we admit that modern liberalism has failed the people of our country.

It's time we admit that President Obama has failed America on too many levels. His foreign policy has awakened a resurgence of Islamic terrorism and has driven away our allies. His domestic policy has succeeded in the Marxist immiseration of the masses. His border policy has all but destroyed the rule of law, and has allowed terrorists back into the US. His golf policy, however, is spot on.

It's time we admit that progressive social programs are nearly universal failures. The destruction of Detroit can be placed squarely on the shoulders of unions and social programs, not on the auto industry which ran away seeking better places to operate, free from socialist constraints. The crime and murder rates of Chicago rest on the failed policies of years and years of corrupt liberal government.

It's time we admit that modern liberalism can only exist by maintaining duplicitous officials in public office. Joe Biden can say the most outrageously racist remarks, and still be considered a champion of civil rights. Wendy Davis can extoll the virtues of women's choice and ignore a child's right to life. The media can excoriate Sarah Palin with the most offensive and ugly language imaginable, then turn around and declare conservatives are waging a "war on women."

It's time we admit that modern liberalism creates dangerous government control. Because of liberalism, we have an IRS, a CIA, and an NSA all monitoring "dangerous" conservatives as potential terrorists. The costs of social programs, such as Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare have spun out of control and threaten the very economic foundations of the country. The US Attorney General refuses to enforce laws, then encourages racial tensions that lead to anarchy and rioting.

It's time we admit that the educational system is broken. We've raised a generation who now think that getting good test scores is the end-all of education. After billions spent and standardized testing taken to the limits of scientific study, all indicators show that test scores remain flat. All common sense indicators show that our children are more ignorant than ever.

It's time we admit that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are idiots. Dangerous, dangerous idiots.

It's time we admit that government regulations and increased oversight and interference into private businesses stifles the economy, rather than building it. We've suffered through nearly seven years of either a recession or a sluggish economy, all because of the enormous problems and programs inflicted on the US by the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid Congress starting back in 2006. Because Harry Reid still maintains dangerous control over the Senate, Congress has been unable to move for nearly four years since the Pelosi/Reid disaster.

It's time we admit that President Obama is truly disconnected from reality. Seriously, 192 rounds of golf? What other American, besides a PGA golfer and my dentist, has that kind of time?

It's time we admit that attacks on free speech, on religion, on gun rights, all undermine the best and most fundamental protections guaranteed by the Constitution.

It's time we admit that liberal accusations against conservatives is not based on reality, but filtered through the dogmas of liberalism. Modern liberalism has so inculcated thinking in its postmodernism, nihilism, and oppression theology that few Americans can even grasp the foundations of the establishment of the US and the reasons that we should distrust government.

It's time we admit that morality is fundamental to maintaining a democracy. Morality based on Western Civilization and Christianity have generally produced the best system of government and the freest people in all of history. To deny our moral responsibility in democracy is to undermine democracy itself.

It's time we admit that we're fed up with modern liberalism and progressive dogmas.