Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Euripides - An Email from a Liberal Admirer

Recently, I received an email from a liberal admirer. The email shows just how low and depraved we have grown as a people, and counts as one of many, many emails accusing me of all sorts of atrocities, merely because I think that the concept of same sex marriage is legally, morally, constitutionally, biologically, and socially bankrupt.

I don't normally talk about the hate emails or comments I receive, merely because there is no point in propagating ignorance. This particular email, however, presented such a model of modern liberal thought, that it begs to be held up as a standard of modern liberalism. The basic message of the email disagreed with a movie review I had written a long time ago, condemning the movie for its blatant intent to subvert traditional marriage and families.

The email opened with intense profanity, using the most blasphemous language imaginable. When I was young, my dad always taught me that profanity was a sign of ignorance. Profanity certainly speaks volumes about those who choose to use it as a basic means of communication. I refuse to quote the opening sentence, but it involved an improbable tryst between my mother and deity.

Next, I got introduced to the author: "I'm seventeen, and my friends and I went to see that [movie] as soon as it was out! We didn't have a problem with the gay reference because our friend Sage is gay and we don't find a [explicative] problem about that! At all!"

Two things jump out here - how young this person is, and the supreme self assurance that the author's personal experience constitutes Absolute Reality. While such wisdom comes with all teens, this particular one comes with the post-modernist and liberal lie that there is no reality apart from personal experience. Implicit in this introduction is the idea that I have no gay friends (false) and that if I did, I'd agree with their lifestyle (also false).

Since the author assumes these things about me, the next statement makes perfect sense: "I'm going to guess you're some [explicative] homophobe, huh? Well, if it really bugged you, remember that others don't have problems with that!" This statement assumes, of course, that since some believe homosexual behavior is all right, that everyone must agree that such behavior is all right. I suppose, as well, that the author is trying to convince me that I have some mental disorder (homophobia) because I don't agree with homosexual behavior, nor condone the push to transform marriage into a moral abyss.

This is the position of liberal discourse - we must all agree with its precepts or be labeled as a social outcast or as having a mental disorder. It's the height of ideological and philosophical hubris to assume this about people. It's the height of hypocrisy for modern liberals to consider themselves as the keepers of all compassion and love, while hating and deriding those who think differently from them.

The author continued: "And the 'any group can be a family' thing is true too. Seven people in the U.S. are just like that. I'm one of them. Two of our 'family' are male. None of us are dating Jake. None of us are dating Sage. Not even Jake on that one." (I assume Jake is another homosexual friend.)

It's a sad state of society, when broken homes and friend relationships can be considered the normal family. Yes, in today's world, broken and mixed families are more prevalent. They are, however, far from ideal. This teen certainly won't have the same opportunities or advantages from growing up within a traditional family, and, considering his or her attitude, has already suffered because of it.

Next, comes a heartbreaking confession: "My mother and sister had schizophrenia and killed themselves to get rid of the voices. I have meds for it, and when I forget in the mornings, they don't have a [explicative] problem with it! Blood ties are irrelevant for us, because just look at Darcy and Rachel. Twins. Does that mean they have something between each other that makes them closer? Not at all!"

Here's a poster child in favor of the preservation of the traditional family. The author shows, without knowing any better, why the trend to destroy the family is so damaging. When I first read this email, I thought that some liberal troll had left his mark, like a dog staking out territory. Even if true, the claim to righteous indignation through an appeal to mental disease is particularly disturbing. As our society continues its decline into decadence, depravity, and moral bankruptcy, we have also experienced an explosion of mental disorders. Surely the two are connected.

Humans simply cannot find happiness in moral decay. Happiness comes from keeping a moral standard, from doing what's good and right, from struggling against the evils of the world, and from maintaining a higher standard than basing all reality in carnal desire and the lies of modern liberalism. There is a better way. It's a shame that modern liberals can no longer see their way to it.