Monday, November 10, 2014

The 2014 Midterm Election: Republicans Didn't Win

As I look back over last week's midterm election, I've come to the same conclusion as many. The Republicans didn't win the election. Instead, Obama lost the election.

This is an important distinction. The Republican Party has been plagued over the years with wishy-washy policies and platforms that barely defines it as anything more than the anti-Democrat party. Since the news media has also succeeded in demonizing the party as anti-everything, Republicans need to step up and become something other than the group that opposes Obama.

Yet, for the purposes of this past election, that was enough to launch Republicans back into power in both the House and the Senate.

Basically, Obama's policies suck so bad that Americans put Republicans back into power in Congress. Don't muck it up, Republicans.

Here are a few positive things I see that could come out of this past election:

1) Republicans could redefine themselves as fiscal and social conservatives. Instead of a party defined as anti-Democrats, the Republican party should take the opportunity to re-evaluate its platform and to incorporate the principles of limited government and individual freedom.

2) Senate Republicans can be useful, if only to block any further Obama appointments.

3) Harry "Everyone-Wants-to-Pay-More-Taxes" Reid is finally out of power in the Senate. It would be icing on he cake if House Democrats would replace Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democrats would replace Harry Reid as their party leaders.

4) Obama will sound even more stupid blaming Congress for obstructing his policies.

5) Obama and his Gospel of Liberalism will be held up to closer scrutiny. The press, even though the bulk of its members are converted liberals, can no long uphold Obama's policies that have been so roundly defeated in the last election. Sure, the die hard socialists will continue to spin the conservative ideals as false or evil, but in the end, the media will have to pay lip service to those Americans who changed Congress. The media, after all, want to make money and must produce products that people will buy.

6) Congress and Obama will still deadlock on most bills that the whole of Congress can now pass. There are not enough Senate Republicans to override a presidential veto. Obama will continue to exercise dictatorial powers. We'll just have to wait and see if Republicans do much more than throw epithets and threats.