Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Dogmas of Common Core Curriculum: Teaching That the Constitution Is Evil

From the moment I first heard about Common Core, I knew that it would be used as a tool to preach the dogmas of progressivism. How could it not? Sure, on the face of it, the National Governor's Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers sounds like an impressive couple of committees who led a grassroots campaign to improve school standards.

Except they didn't.

Instead, these two groups recommended Common Core, a system developed by a Washington D.C. based think tank of "educators" who gained enough influence and power in the federal system to connect the adoption of Common Core standards to federal money.

In short, while Common Core standards sound impressive, they are linked to federal money, to progressive ideology, and to businesses such as publishers and standardized testing companies who want to push book and test sales which preach their own agendas. It is painfully obvious that these agendas express progressive dogmas to indoctrinate (and make ignorant) the coming generations of American children.

Here's a dangerous case in point.

One of the English teachers on my staff pointed out that the newest 12th grade English curriculum now references as a non-fiction reading an opinion piece from the New York Times, entitled "Let's Give Up on the Constitution."

I guess the  progressive ideal that the Constitution is a "living" document (which removes the burdens of actually following what it says) doesn't seem to be enough for liberals anymore. In the op-ed, the author argues, using all the idiotic dogmas of liberalism, against keeping the Constitution at all.

From the opening paragraph:
As the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken. But almost no one blames the culprit: our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.
The main thrust of the author's argument is this: The Constitution was written by dead, white men who couldn't foresee the problems we have today. Since then, we have had to make a lot of changes to laws in order to ignore the Constitution. Those dead, white men keep getting in the way of our desires to ignore the Constitution, so we should just get rid of the document completely.

The author, besides being naive, self-serving, and impossibly ignorant about the purpose of the Constitution and the dangers of an unconstrained government, wishes to promote the ideal that freedom can only come to the people of the United States by getting rid of the Constitution, and by implication, by getting rid of the Republic.

And that, in a nutshell, is the agenda, the dogma, and the danger of liberal control of education through Common Core.

Shocked and disgusted with the reading choice, the English teacher came to me for advice on how to best handle such obvious and flagrant attempts to derail the importance of the Constitution among high school seniors. Together, we decided that she could best use the op-ed piece to prompt a real discussion about the importance of the Constitution. She and her students then went through the op-ed and pointed to all the poor arguments and fallacies contained in it.

I'm concerned, however, that other teachers at other schools will use such blather to promote the narrow and dangerous views of modern liberalism. We have already nearly destroyed the purpose of education within our democratic society - to promote thinking. Now that men and women with the ideals to end thinking among students have control over school curriculum, we will become a nation of imbeciles, never knowing the better path that the Founding Fathers created for us.