Monday, December 15, 2014

Are We Done with Thinking?

When we look at the recent history of philosophical thought, we group different periods by common ideas: Kantian, Post-Kantian, Humanist, Nihilist, Existentialist, Pragmatist, Modernist, Post-modernist. Current philosophy suggests that we now live in a post-thinking age.

Instead of thinking, we have entered an age where mob rule is preferred over rule of law. We are taught to do what feels good, rather than to restrain ourselves with a few rules of polite society. We are told that nothing is our fault, but the fault of an oppressive system imposed by people long dead. We are encouraged to express our basest desires, as if lust and desire were the most defining characteristics of human existence.

When President Obama, to suit his identity politics, rewrote federal immigration law, he taught us that feeling good about accepting illegal immigrants is more important than the damage to the rule of law.

When the "best minds" within our government ignore the blatant danger of destabilizing the Mideast, allowing ISIL to grow unchecked, and rely on a few remote-controlled bombing raids to protect the US interests, we stand back in awe that such tactics are even considered.

When we view riots and looting in the streets of Ferguson, fomented by people angered by injustice where there was none, we know that no thinking is involved. We only see uncontrolled rage at formless "oppression" and the chance to grab a free television. Facts and common sense don't matter to people stirred up with indignation over perceived injustice.

When politicians promise one thing, then vote completely opposite to their supposed principles, we shrug our shoulders and ask: "Did we expect any differently?" Worse, we then reelect the same politicians over and over, shrugging our shoulders after each election.

When we fork out ever increasing amounts to fund a college education, only to discover faculty and administration who would rather indoctrinate students instead of teach them, we pay for the privilege to turn off our brains.

This last example within the very institutions that are supposed to encourage thinking, is the worst offender of all. How can we as a people survive, when our educational systems are designed to promote the philosophy that thinking for ourselves is morally wrong or unnecessary? Universities have become centers of propaganda, rather than places of thinking and learning. As such, they are no better than the madrassahs of Pakistan that train young Muslims to be evil terrorists.

Behind the post-thinking philosophy is a political ideology that drives away rational thought, even condemns it, as anti-establishment. Our current government is an oligarchy, based on the ideology that politicians know best what is good for the people, and what is good for the people is a government that runs all aspects of our individual lives.

We call that kind of government authoritarian.

When a very few people take charge, or when one individual takes control of the whole, we call that kind of government totalitarian.

All indicators within our government point to a political ideology based on the principle that thinking people are dangerous to the regime.

Our government now grows and thrives because we, the people, have given up thinking. We have been indoctrinated to "feel" rather than to think. To this end, modern politics takes avery opportunity to control the message, in no small part by federalizing schools and universities.

Over the years, we have witnessed the regression of thought, in favor of an ideology based on socialist principles which deny individuals the capacity and education to think for themselves. This is the basis of liberal dogma, to turn off thinking by supplanting it with socialist propaganda.

As Joseph Goebbels once put it: "It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise."

Goebbels' thought has already been spectacularly disproven with the end of World War II. Even German military minds during the height of Goebbels' career understood the paucity of his thought. For example, Otto Ohlendorn, an SS Gruppenf├╝hrer debunked Goebbels: "I always opposed Goebbels. I always tried to have people educated on a broad basis, while Goebbels tried to supply them with knowledge for the moment. Goebbels considered humans as objects to be used for political purposes - for the moment."

Isn't that what presidents and Congress for the past 20 or 30 years have been doing to the American people - considering humans as objects to be used for political purposes? Sure, we can argue that today's US politicians are nowhere in the league of a Goebbels, or a Stalin, or a Mao. I agree.

Yet we are setting the stage for such men to come into power, to overthrow the rule of law, to break with the US Constitution, to ignore "we the people of the United States," to create an authoritarian government.

As we sit back and allow such men to rule over us, the victory over thinking for ourselves will be complete.