Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Democrats Get Over Their Fear of Big Money

Harry Reid is on the way out of his leadership role in the Senate (thank goodness). We will always remember him fondly demonstrating his Koch Brothers derangement syndrome. Through the election of 2014, he fear-mongered his Democrat brethren (and sistren) against the evils of the big money the Koch brothers spent on political campaigns.

Research by Politico has found that the Dems have gotten over their fear of big money. Note the chart above which shows Tom "Global Warming" Steyer at the top of the individual donation list with $74.3 million dollars. Next in line is Michael "Guns Are Evil" Bloomberg with a mere $27.7 million.

In smaller money, the Dems out-raised the Republicans a total of $205.3 million to $150.7 million.

And yet the Dems still lost the election.

What's important here, though, isn't the money raised, but the perception, promoted by Big Media, that the Democrats are somehow superior because they care about income inequality and bringing down the rich.

Time and time again we see that progressive dogmas always hold a double standard which only highlights the hypocrisy of their blatant attempts to hold power.