Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Living in a Screwed Up America

As I look back over the past year, the most prevalent struggle I see in the country are two diametrically opposed views of the role of government and its responsibilities. It hasn't been that long ago (within my lifetime) that the majority of Americans held similar views of government and upheld the concept of the rule of law.

With a president, a vice president, an attorney general, the IRS, the DHS, and the news media all vying for control and power over the American people, those who should be protecting the rights of all Americans have been replaced by power mongers and demagogues.

What else can explain President Obama who began his administration decrying the abuses of the previous president, then, a few years later writes decrees which ignore the law and bypass Congress? It doesn't matter if some agree with his decrees or not, if they ignore the founding principles of separation of powers, the president no longer protects the American people, but only the interests of his politics.

When those in power decry achievement and label it "privilege," we lose the principle of hard work, self reliance, and dismiss the possibility of making a better life for ourselves.

When Jonathan Gruber can glibly announce the stupidity of the American people, we should question the sanity of smug and arrogant academics, and the authority of the elite institutions which promote them. Having come from an academic background, believe me when I say that liberal academia has replaced God with the absolute conviction of nihilism, and that the intellectual elite care for nothing except to maintain their false dogmas.

How can so many people protest all night, burning and looting, if they have to get up in the morning and go to work? That so many can do so doesn't speak well of the current progressive policies that keep reporting to us how many jobs Mr. Obama has created.

Has anyone ever thought how wrong it is for those in power, as well as the media, to portray parasites as victims and those who demand preferential treatment as struggling for equal rights? When the media turns black thugs into heroes and black violence into protests, no one bothers to examine the effects that has on the law-abiding blacks and on their communities.

Yes, President Obama has made good on his one promise to fundamentally change America. He's made it a place where those in power can seize ever more power for themselves, if not for Obama, then for someone who comes after him. He's turned the rule of law upside-down. He's allowed criminals to become the symbol of human rights. He's promoted racial divide and violence. He's estranged over half of all Americans. He's promoted his kind of rich people by debasing others. He's promoted an educational system that teaches everyone what to think instead of how to think.

In short, he's set America up to fail and to fail spectacularly.

Welcome to the the progressive world.