Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Progressive Nihilism: Hunky Jesus

Modern progressives will hail San Francisco's Hunky Jesus competition as a great triumph of free speech, gay pride, freedom from religion, and a reflection of the "spirit of the community."

It is indeed the epitome of the profoundly basest ideals of progressive nihilism.

It is also another of a long list of trends in progressivism to demean anything that may be sacred to a majority of Americans.

The basic ideal behind queer society and the LGBTQQIAXYZ community, and to a large extent, liberal society in general, is: "If it's basely offensive to Christianity, then it must serve the public good."

And by "public good," progressives really means "that which is generally considered offensive and in poor taste."

Here is the moral of the story: the dogmas of progressives are blatantly offensive to the principles of decency, morality, and virtue. Yet those same dogmas dictate that progressives become insanely offended when challenged to show how such displays really serve the public good.

Progressivism is a philosophy of doublespeak and doublethink, and one that cannot long endure.

It is also antithetical to all that is right and good and decent in the world.