Monday, January 12, 2015

How Liberalism Left Me Behind and Lost Me

During the early part of the twentieth century, the Democrat party and the progressive ideals of socialism became connected together. Democrat politicians advertised themselves as friends of the middle class and small business. Working class voters believed that their best interests were protected by the Democrat-led economic restructuring of minimum wages, working hours, workplace safety, Social Security, or Medicare.

Republicans, on the other hand, increasingly could not adequately explain how the free market system, with a largely unregulated economy, could benefit the individual worker. The free market came directly into competition with the philosophy of the government handout. The free market message that all benefit with the rising economic tide got lost as Democrats successfully labeled Republicans as the uncaring and unfeeling party.

The idea of job security and guaranteed wages has its appeal and there were certain ideas of the Democrat party that have generally helped the American worker. Yet Democrats have buried their few good ideas by adopting increasingly divisive, simplistic, and economically-idiotic approaches to their policies.

Here are some reasons how modern liberalism has left me behind and lost me:

Progressives try to sell the idea that the Democrat party still concerns itself with the working class, yet its leaders are largely rich and elitist, who live inside a bubble not based on reality.

Obama tries to connect with the "every-man" image, yet demonstrating pure disdain for others while enjoying million-dollar vacations and shopping sprees and spending taxpayer money like a drunken sailor spends money on shore leave.

Hollywood actors who make more money on one movie than I'll ever make in my lifetime, beat the public over the head about our oil dependence, our supposed cruelty to the poor, and our inability to get along with Mother Nature.

Gentrified ex-politician Al Gore, leaves his mansion, then flies around the world telling all that we must suffer huge technological loss in order to save the planet.

Liberal elites preach from penthouse condos and drive cars that cost more than my house, never suffering the deprivations that we mere mortals endure with rising taxes, imposed regulations, and paying the increasing costs of living in a world where government takes our money to feed the bureaucracy then spew out the remains to support the welfare state.

Progressives have also left me behind on the question of race. The constant Democrat push for identity politics, open borders, huge federal entitlements, and race-baiting have marginalized the majority and created an absurd division between people.

When Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren can claim special privileges to get college money, then attempt to use her minuscule connection to Native blood as a means of garnering sympathy and support, the progressive concept of race no longer has meaning.

When President Obama can be pure blood American one day, and a foreign student when he needs money to go to school, the progressive ideal has left me behind.

When considering race and gender become more important factors in hiring than credentials and accomplishments, progressives have lost me.

The double standards that progressives hold when judging and condemning others has reached the point of absurdity.

Joe Biden's inane and uninformed "gaffes" are excused with a pat on the head, while Sarah Palin (whose candidacy for vice president was seven years ago - seven!) is excoriated for allowing her son to stand on the family dog to get to the sink.

It's okay when Al Sharpton and Eric Holder condemn all whites in general, and the police in particular, for the deaths of black criminals, then the mainstream progressive press spins their speech to create a frenzy of rioting and looting. It is not okay, though, to condemn Islam for producing terrorists who wantonly murder French magazine workers for drawing offensive cartoons.

I don't condone such an absurd world where right and wrong are defined by the liberal power elite, and where such absurdities are held, seemingly with straight faces, by the mass followers of liberalism. Such doctrines leave me behind and most completely lose me.