Sunday, February 8, 2015

Liberals Are Absolutely Certain in Their Moral Relativism

I've been out of the loop for a few weeks trying to keep up with the work load at my school. This is a busy time of the year as parents realize that their children are failing the "No Child Left Behind" public school system, and are searching for alternatives to public "education."

This past week, we were all treated to President Obama's understanding of ISIS, religion, and Christianity as he spoke at a prayer breakfast. In his speech he told us we needed to get down off our high horse when we talk about ISIS because, hey, Christians did bad things too in the name of religion.

In case you missed the brouhaha, here's a link to the story on Breitbart's website which, to date, has garnered more than twelve thousand comments:

The president's speech is typical liberal screed and says more about Obama than it says about ISIS, history, or religion.

As I commented on a different conservative site about the president's inability to understand reality, I got in an interesting argument with a liberal who self proclaims himself to be a "superior critical thinker" than I am because he's not saddled down with religion, or faith, or apparently, much of anything at all.

My initial comment was a simple truism. (Yes, I'm quoting myself.):
The gospel of progressivism only accepts moral relativism when it comes to other people's beliefs. Anyone who disagrees with its dogmas deserves ridicule and retribution. In some twisted way, Obama is saying to the rest of the world that America and the West deserve ISIS.
Now I understand liberals more than they seem to understand me or the conservative point of view. And I understand them far more than is comfortable for my own peace of mind. After all, some of my best friends are liberals.

Typically, a liberal troll invaded the website to post a few irrelevant comments, then move on to harass other conservatives. Here was his rebuttal:
You don't know what moral relativism is. It's [sic] means you think your faith gives you morality that is not found elsewhere, whereas we believe your morality is no more privileged than any others [sic].
Besides this liberal troll's absolute certainty in his moral stance to condemn others, he demonstrates his "superior" critical thinking (as he, himself claimed) with a condescending comment, as well as a poor definition of moral relativism.

OK, so maybe I took it as a challenge but he and I went around and around as he proved my point again and again, that liberals only accept moral relativism when it comes to others. They themselves are absolutely assured in their delusions about reality.

As we have seen time and again, the liberal sense of moral superiority is based on their absolute certainty and faith in their own bankrupt and nihilistic dogmas.