Thursday, June 4, 2015

Modern Liberalism Is Built on a Faulty Premise

Leftist dogma is a house built on sand. It's a metaphor. Get it?

It's been a few months since I've had a chance to set down some thoughts. Between work and my participation in a long run on stage at a local theatre, it has been a busy few months. Alas.

The last few weeks, I've been reading several books, some by the great Thomas Sowell. One of his best books, A Conflict of Visions, outlines the basic differences between modern leftists and modern conservatives. I highly recommend the book to those who seek truth about our modern ideological conflicts. In rereading his book, I was reminded of the fundamental and ignorant flaw in leftist dogma - that in general human nature can change to support leftist dogma.

The reality of the human condition is that human nature does not change very much. Human nature is a constant and consistent part of us. The whole of history shows case by case, example after example, of the constancy of human nature. To be sure, individuals can and do change, only by fighting against the thrall of human nature. People as a whole, however, demonstrate time and again that humans tend toward evil, rather than toward good, toward selfishness, rather than toward selflessness.

The whole ideology of leftism rests on the premise that human nature can (and must) change. The whole philosophy of leftist thought is based on this faulty premise. The modern conclusion, of course, is that all humans must accept the latest liberal dogma du jour. Modern liberals are stymied when people fail to live up to those expectations even when they fly in the face of reason.

The sinister side of modern liberalism is a direct result of its faulty premise. It boils down to the idea that those who will not conform to leftist dogmas must be forced to do so. Leftists cannot accept any other outcome than total adherence to the dogmas of liberalism. As the ideology gains hold across the US, more and more political (and police) force has been brought to bear against those who haven't bought into the poor premise of leftism.

Modern liberals now force others to accept their same morbid and unhappy doctrines. Yet, in contradiction to liberalism's premise, using force to coerce others is in our human nature. Hence, liberalism's faulty premise is contradicted by the fact that modern liberalism must resort to force to promote its doctrines.

History is replete with examples where such an abuse of power - to make people conform to the ideals of others - shows that it is human nature, when a group is given a little power, it will immediately abuse that power to suppress the will and autonomy of others.