Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz Versus the Liberal Media

I didn't watch the Republican debates today. Truth be told, I haven't watched a single debate. I'd rather pick fleas off my cat than be subjected to televised debates. The debates are a poor excuse for politics. As prime time reality TV, they rank somewhere between Boy Meets Boy and Dating Naked. No, I've never watched those shows either.

Senator Ted Cruz in the CNBC debate schooled the media and demonstrated to the world why the debates for either side are simply not worth the time spent to air them on TV. Put simply, the mainstream news media is the main culprit in allowing the current charade of campaigning to sink into the utter depths of the cold abyss.

In reviewing the Republican debate, CNN a former news station, stated: "The candidates' attacks on the media were red meat for the conservative base, which already has a deep mistrust of the mainstream press." See, here's a shining example of why conservatives mistrust the mainstream press - CNN neglects to mention that trust in the media is at an all-time low everywhere in the US. Sixty percent of Americans mistrust the press because every single thing the press says is a political statement to vilify conservatives and to push a bankrupt ideology.

There you have it. Take a look at Cruz's comments and see why the entire audience broke out in applause and cheers after he stated the obvious.

Then do a little research and see if you can vote for a candidate who isn't an egotistical, lying, cheating, incompetent, socialist reject.