Friday, November 27, 2015

A Handy Dandy Guide to Understanding Obamaspeak

President Obama, like any socialist politician, uses code phrases peculiar to leftist dogma. Understanding and decoding the obfuscation, distortion, confusing language, and doubletalk can be a daunting task. I've collected here a few phrases that Obama has used recently, and I have thoughtfully provided a translation of the real meaning behind the code of Obamaspeak.

I think we made some bad decisions subsequent to that attack [9/11] in part based on fear, and that's why we have to be cautious about it.

What President Obama is really saying is that he still blames George Bush for the state of Muslim countries in the past, as well as today. And, of course, he blames Bush for creating ISIL (despite being founded in 1999) and blames Bush for all subsequent terrorist responses. Implicit is the idea that Obama knows supremely better than anyone on the planet how to lead the US against terrorism.

We'll deliver justice to these terrorists and those who sent them.

President Obama's idea of justice consists of dropping a few bombs here and there, bravely authorizing air sorties, then recalling the military before it can do any real harm to terrorists. President Obama's peculiar strategy also includes that idea that he should apply US law when it comes to finding terrorists, but ignore the law when it comes to keeping whole populations of the US safe, for example, by allowing nearly unrestrained immigration.

Well, no, I don't think they're [ISIL] gaining strength. 

Obama famously said this hours before the attack on Paris. He meant to reassure the liberal US media that his strategy of not containing ISIL is really working. What that means in reality is that ISIL is now free to travel about the world, to wreak havoc on innocent lives, and to destroy property wholesale.

Cooperation and support of France would continue....

President Obama means that he'll assign someone in the State Department to think about France every now and again. He has no intention of changing US policy in the Mideast. With Obama's recent talks with the French president, Obama spewed even more empty rhetoric than usual.

Coalition of 62 countries....

President Obama means by this statement, repeated several times in the past week, that his coalition is bigger and better than George Bush's MNF coalition at the start of the Iraq war. The untold story is that Obama's coalition doesn't provide combat troops, nor does it really do much to stop ISIL.

No specific and credible threat....

This is President Obama's standard code phrase whenever he is asked about the possibility of terrorist acts in the US. It basically means, "We have no idea. There could be an attack or not. If there's an attack, we can argue plausible deniability. If there is no attack, our policy is vindicated."

If there’s one thing that threatens opportunity and prosperity for all of us… it’s the threat of a changing climate.

This is the biggest red herring in President Obama's rhetorical arsenal. Obama uses the threat of climate change as a liberal bludgeon to beat today's real issues from the brains of an otherwise thinking population:

Muslims are attacking and killing people in Paris? Climate change is a real threat!

Liberal cities are falling apart at the seams, rioting and killing cops? Hey! Look at that climate change!

Obamacare is falling to pieces and is threatening to be crushed under its own weight? Climate change is a much, much bigger threat. The oceans will rise. The polar bears will die. The heat will cause the poor Syrians to become terrorists.

I hope this little exercise in decoding Obamaspeak will help guide you along the way to understanding the biggest danger we face today, namely President Obama's bankrupt policies. Don't be fooled by Obamaspeak.