Monday, November 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton, Self Control, and the Restructuring of Society in Her Image

Modern liberalism maintains the doctrine that society can and must be tinkered with in order to create a more "just" and "equitable" system. The fatal problem with this social engineering rests on the fallibility of those people who change the system to suit their peculiar view of the world. As we have seen within the past fifty years or so, those who have been chosen to lead the charge into this Brave New World are almost universally incapable of governing themselves, let alone being incapable of rearranging a just society.

Johnson lied to hide the Vietnam War and his expensive social programs. Nixon lied to cover up the Watergate break-in. Carter screwed up in the Mideast so badly we're still paying the price for his incompetence. Bill Clinton lied about the women he cheated with. He even denied the definition of sex.

Now take Hillary Clinton. Please.

Hillary is the quintessential liberal, spewing socialist dogma with a vigor that would make Lenin blush with envy. We know, we absolutely know, that she has lied her way through her adult life from one subject to the next to the next. She is incapable of producing a gram's worth of personal integrity. This bastion of liberalism cannot govern her own life. How can we expect her to govern others?

Yet in today's political climate, Hillary is exonerated as a champion of social engineering, even while leaving a wake of death and destruction behind her. She is propped up by a news media who, in turn, is run by deceivers.

Edmund Burke, considered the father of conservatism, wrote against such hubris of social engineering. Writing during the French Revolution, where the French social engineers literally hacked off the heads of anyone who stood in their way, Burke turned out a scathing commentary.

To Burke, society was a living thing that cannot be disassembled and then reconstructed to suit the designs of social engineers. The results of such social rearrangements are fatal to society. Burke wrote that the French were like children, hacking a body into bits and pieces, then throwing them into a "kettle of magicians" to try to regenerate them.

Hillary, and nearly the entire Democrat party have become little children. They hack the social body of the US to pieces, then wave their wands and make their incantations in the attempt to regenerate a the pieces into a living organism.