Monday, November 16, 2015

Some Thoughts on the Islamist Terrorist Attack in Paris

This past week, there were over 40 Islamist terrorist attacks in the world. The series of attacks that killed 129 people in Paris was the largest and the deadliest, yet on the same day, a suicide bomber in Bagdad killed 21 people and wounded 46 while attending a funeral. The day before in Beirut, two Sunni suicide bombers killed 43 people and wounded 240 in a Shia residential neighborhood.

This is the face of evil. Islamism is a plague, wantonly killing the innocent.

Yet, what strikes me about the attacks in Paris is the predictable and stupid reaction of most media sources which refuse to name the enemy and refuse to acknowledge the evil for what it really is. Searching news sites, we rarely find any sources willing to mention the word Islam (or Islamism, or radical Islam) in connection with the killings. In fact, leftists go out of their way to exonerate Islam in order not to appear bigoted or judgmental. Left wing liberals have crawled out of the woodwork to assure us that Islam is not the enemy. At least the New York Times blames those with an Islamist ideology for the violence.

Many news sources call this "senseless violence." While it is violence, it only appears senseless to ideologues who deny that Islamists have declared war on any who oppose their depraved and evil demands. Islamic terrorists have devolved into a sort of Medieval barbarism, waging a war against all whom they perceive to stand in their way. Viewed as ideological warfare, the violence may be abhorrent, but it does makes sense.

President Obama, after declaring that ISIS was contained the day before the attack on Paris, also thinks that it was “an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.” Islamists know who their enemies are. It is a shame that the president of the US refuses to acknowledge our enemies are, and it is a crime that he refuses to protect the people of our country.

After the Paris attacks, several of my more illiberal friends posted on Facebook and tweeted that the real blame for the attacks on Paris, and for the creation of ISIS, was George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. ISIS originated in 1999 (when Clinton was president) with a resurgence in 2013 (when Obama was president). ISIS declared a worldwide caliphate in 2014. During the war in Iraq, the Sunni group spent most of its time blowing up Shia Muslims. After the surge in Iraq, al-Qaeda and ISIS (and several other terrorist factions) were fractured to a crisis point and were forced into hiding. It was only after Obama reduced the US military in Iraq that ISIS became a unified terrorist force, attacking and wantonly slaughtering Shia Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

Of course my befuddled leftist friends think that the US is the Great Satan (if they actually believed in Satan), because we dared to interfere with the "peaceful" Muslims when Bush was president. We deserve the blowback from ISIS. Such reasoning is like sitting in a restaurant and seeing a man out on the street getting mugged and shot by gangsters. When we try to gather our friends together to go help the man, they say, "Nah. He probably deserved it." Blaming the victim for the evil actions of the perpetrator is logic that can only be understood by a liberal ideologue.

Lastly, in response to the attacks in Paris, some of the infants posing as college students who apparently hadn't finished complaining about how oppressed they feel, instead complained about how the attacks in Paris stole the spotlight from them. As an example, one ignorant child tweeted: "Interesting how the news reports are covering the Paris terrorist attacks but said nothing about the terrorist attack at #Mizzou." There were hundreds of such inanities, comparing the hurt feelings of some Mizzou students to terrorist attacks. After all, how dare the news media cover terrorists blowing up and shooting hundreds of people in Paris and ignore the plight of black students who were faced with an imaginary swastika drawn in feces?

Despite the convoluted thinking inculcated into leftist brains, we must still recognize evil for what it is. ISIS is evil and should be eradicated.


I barely finished writing this when I crossed another news story about a Islamist terrorist attack against Christians at a university in Garissa, Kenya. 147 are reported dead. Of course, the students probably deserved that because, hey, they were Christians.