Monday, December 21, 2015

Blogging Along or Coming Out of the Closet

In 2008, I and several other folks started blogging because we saw a clear and present danger in the push to legalize same sex marriage. We noted that gay activists had latched on to rich and corrupt donors, had sympathetic and unthinking media support, and had finally convinced enough people that homosexuality was somehow a protected class, covered by the 14th Amendment. Through a long and expensive process, the Supreme Court agreed and effectively destroyed the institution of marriage by declaring that marriage had no real meaning in today's society.

Initially, I had begun blogging anonymously because I was square in the middle of a profession where jobs are usually held only by those who maintain the highest standards of progressive dogma, or who happen to be a gender or skin color that is acceptable to the educational establishment. As most of what I have written seems highly offensive to the long-toed left, and because I have been active in several organizations that are anathema to modern progressivism, I've kept the moniker of Euripides.

The caution was justified at the time, as I and others who supported one man-one woman marriage were threatened with physical violence, with legal action, and with cowardly and petty acts of hatred.

Over the years, many have learned my name. I'm proud to be friends with several fellow bloggers who keep plugging away day after day and year after year to uncover the follies of progressivism. Others, among the perpetually-offended class, who discovered who I really was, have gone out of their way to try to force me out of my chosen profession. And do you know what? To some extent they have been successful.

Over the years, I've been marginalized at the school where I've taught for over 20 years. I've been passed over for several positions which were filled by less qualified, but politically correct people. Teaching hours were cut because the school didn't want to pay for Obamacare-mandated insurance for most of its faculty. The school stopped contributing to a pension plan.

To continue in education, I turned to the private sector and got hired as director of a private school. Yet, even as I doubled the student enrollment and filled the campus, I was suddenly and illogically pushed out of my job and replaced by, you might guess, a less qualified black woman. Even in the private sector, education is ruled by political correctness and inane progressivism.

Which is all a long way around a short horse to say that even though I have generally hidden my identity from the general public as a proud and outspoken advocate of the US Constitution, I have still been marginalized by political correctness. There is no hiding the fact that our modern education has been derailed by progressives who despise anyone who holds an opinion different from their own and who will disenfranchise anyone they disagree with.

As for me, there is simply no reason to remain anonymous any longer, as schools continue to enforce poor thinking, and society in general grows ever more ignorant. In short, my work is no longer at risk because I've been forced to seek employment among people who still appreciate the value of an education, rather than the indoctrination of ignorance.

I will continue to post as Euripides, as there is value in maintaining a "brand name." And who knows, with the change in my life's direction, I may find time to write that book I've started.