Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Christmas Wish List or How to Fix Our Government

Dear Santa:

For Christmas this year I'd like the following which, I believe, would go a long way toward fixing our government. You won't have to make anything for me, or even bring me anything. All you need to do is to get rid of some things that make life difficult.

1) Repeal Obamacare and deregulate the health insurance industry.
Obamacare's killing me off, Santa. My monthly health insurance payments now cost more than my house payment.

Remember a long while back when telecommunications was deregulated? Everyone thought that catastrophe would strike the telephone industry. To be honest, for awhile prices went up, especially for long distance services. Then the market took over and startup businesses started competing with Ma Bell and AT&T. Today, you can call someone across the world, using a phone no bigger than a pack of cards, and pay pennies for the service.

If health insurance companies had to compete across the entire US, we'd see a real drop in the cost of insurance. In return, I believe the insurance companies would help stabilize the exorbitant cost of medical care. Yes, we'd see several years of chaos as insurance companies scrambled to provide services, and yes, we'd see a market equilibrium reached that defied anything the "Affordable" Care Act could ever produce.

2) Disband the Department of Education and remove federal education mandates on states.
Frankly, Santa, the ED is getting in the way of our children's education, instead of promoting it.

Getting rid of the ED would have three effects. First, schools based on touchy-feely progressivism would lose out to more pragmatic educational practices. (Creating pragmatic education is what I currently do in the private sector.) Second, progressives would lose a major hold on indoctrinating our children to create ignorant liberals. Third, such a measure would piss off progressives. That is always a good thing.

3) Disband the EPA.
If there ever was a money waster, Santa, the EPA is the Grand Poobah.

The EPA ceased to be relevant some time in the 1980s. Today, the agency just piles on more and more regulation which merely promotes increased cost of production.

4) Repeal the entire federal tax code.
No one understands the tax code now Santa. No one. Start over. Try again. Rewrite the thing.

Better yet, help Congress figure out how to run the federal government without stealing money from Americans.

5) Get rid of the Department of Homeland Security.
Do you feel safer with the DHS Santa? I sure don't.

The idea behind the DHS was to coordinate intel between several government agencies in order to combat terrorism. What was really created was a policing agency that interferes with the everyday lives of Americans without producing noticeable results.

Frankly, the whole "Homeland" idea sounds a little too much like the "Fatherland" of Germany or the "Motherland" of the Soviet Union. Wouldn't it be better if we went back to being "The United States of America?"

These easy fixes would go a long way into making the US a better place for everyone, especially for our struggling middle class. What do you think, Santa? Could you possibly give us a Merry Christmas this year by getting rid of these money pits?