Thursday, December 24, 2015

Putting Our Faith in Politicians

If there is one failure among people on both sides of the political spectrum, it is the belief that electing a certain person, or a person representing a political party, will "fix" the problems of the country. This faith and belief in politicians is folly of the highest order.

I am reminded of a statement from an economist made 40 years ago:
The prime problem of politicians is not to serve the public good but to get elected to office and remain in power (Harry G. Johnson).
The principle was true then. The principle is true now.

This coming year we must nominate, then elect, someone as president of the United States. While none of the candidates can "fix" all the problems we face, we can be assured that some of the candidates will certainly make things worse.

Stop listening to the pleasing words of candidates who tell us things we only want to hear. Stop basing your preferences on trivialities of showmanship. Stop believing that a single person can wave a magic wand and reform the US to your satisfaction.

Be informed. Choose a candidate who has consistently worked to improve the US. Choose wisely.