Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz Versus the Liberal Media

I didn't watch the Republican debates today. Truth be told, I haven't watched a single debate. I'd rather pick fleas off my cat than be subjected to televised debates. The debates are a poor excuse for politics. As prime time reality TV, they rank somewhere between Boy Meets Boy and Dating Naked. No, I've never watched those shows either.

Senator Ted Cruz in the CNBC debate schooled the media and demonstrated to the world why the debates for either side are simply not worth the time spent to air them on TV. Put simply, the mainstream news media is the main culprit in allowing the current charade of campaigning to sink into the utter depths of the cold abyss.

In reviewing the Republican debate, CNN a former news station, stated: "The candidates' attacks on the media were red meat for the conservative base, which already has a deep mistrust of the mainstream press." See, here's a shining example of why conservatives mistrust the mainstream press - CNN neglects to mention that trust in the media is at an all-time low everywhere in the US. Sixty percent of Americans mistrust the press because every single thing the press says is a political statement to vilify conservatives and to push a bankrupt ideology.

There you have it. Take a look at Cruz's comments and see why the entire audience broke out in applause and cheers after he stated the obvious.

Then do a little research and see if you can vote for a candidate who isn't an egotistical, lying, cheating, incompetent, socialist reject.

Monday, October 26, 2015

MSNBC: Someone Left the Door Open on the Loony Bin

Just when you thought it was safe to get out of bed and join the human race, along comes MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, keeper of the nuthouse.

In this video clip, she tutors Alfonso Aguilar for calling Paul Ryan a hard worker. No, it's not because Ryan isn't a hard worker, it's because using the term "hard worker" is offensive to slaves. Or something.

Just watch the video and figure it out for yourself. I'm going back to bed.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Recommended Book - A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles by Thomas Sowell

If there ever was a book that I had wished I had written, it would be Thomas Sowell's book A Conflict of Visions. While not an easy book to read, because of its elevated vocabulary and conceptual approach to political theory, it is nevertheless an important book for many reasons.

I'm not going to write an entire review of the book here, but rather wish to recommend it to you as an important read. I especially recommend it to my friends who think that progressive or liberal ideology is on the right track.

Sowell separates conservative thought and liberal ideology using the terms "constrained" and "unconstrained." He does so to be able to take a look at differing ideologies without using terms that already have too much baggage associated with them. Here are some quotes from the book that outline the basic conflicts between conservatives and liberals. Notice how closely these show the inherent problem with modern liberalism and the current political direction of the US.
The Constitution of the United States, with its checks and balances, clearly reflected the view that no one was ever to be completely trusted with power. This is in sharp contrast to the French Revolution, which gave sweeping powers, including the power of life and death, to those who spoke in the name of "the people," expressing the Rousseauean "general will." 
To those without this constrained vision of man, the whole elaborate system of checks and balances was a needless complication and impediment. 
Adam Smith spoke of the doctrinaire "man of the system" [modern progressive] who is "wise in his own conceit" and who "seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of a great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the different pieces upon a chess-board. 
They are, in Burke's words, "endeavouring to confine the reputation of sense, learning, and taste to themselves or their following," and are capable of "carrying the intolerance of the tongue and of the pen into a persecution" of others. 
The rationalist whose reason is not sufficient to teach him those limitations of the powers of conscious reason, and who despises all the institutions and customs which have not been consciously designed, would thus become the destroyer of the civilization built upon them. This may well prove a hurdle which man will repeatedly reach, only to be thrown back into barbarism. (Quoting Hayek)
It's an important book for our times and well worth the time to struggle through it.

Friday, October 23, 2015

What Is Truth? Hillary's Testimony on Benghazi

Adlai Stephenson, in his speech to the UN during the Cuban Missile Crisis said this to the Soviet ambassador: "I do not have your talent for obfuscation, for distortion, for confusing language, and for doubletalk. And I must confess to you that I am glad that I do not!"

Hillary Clinton's testimony with the House Select Committee on Benghazi is a perfect study of doublespeak and obfuscation.

I think Charles Krouthammer best summed up her testimony: "We're not going to get the contradictions, we're not going to get the facts, we're not going to get the real story underlying it. We're living in an age where what you say and its relation with the facts is completely irrelevant as we see in the presidential campaign. And it's carrying over into the hearings."

We are a nation of moral and ethical pygmies whose leaders and leader wannabes reflect the paucity of our thought by spewing constant lies and deceits. We are a nation of fallen people, as long as we continue to follow the blithe path of corrupt principles. We are a nation of fallen people when we give power to a person such as Hillary, who cannot tell the truth even when confronted with facts. We are a nation of fallen people when we excuse those who have no honor nor integrity because they claim ideological superiority.

Honesty, integrity, forthrightness, and morality are still relevant and necessary. Our nation cannot continue without them.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hillary's Bucket List: Leading the Campaign for President with Bad Ideas

There's a big problem with Hillary's campaign logo. It's pointing the wrong way. It should be pointing in its big, bold way to the left. Far to the left. And then it should abruptly turn downward, to crash and burn into the swamp where all bad socialist ideas end up.

I was feeling adventurous today and took a trip into the forbidden swamps of Hillary's campaign website. After a screen that asked me to donate (which I politely declined), I wandered over to the section outlining "the issues." What I found was a typical socialist laundry list of the hot button issues du jour. Hillary's entire list is based on the faulty premises of socialist dogmas. Each campaign issue promises to cost us taxpayers ever larger slices of our income, while excluding entire populations of citizens. All are aimed at demonizing Republicans and conservatives.

By the way, I note Donald Trump now has three, count 'em three whole issues up on his website. He's still a one trick pony in my book, focusing on "safe" topics guaranteed to whip pseudo-conservatives into a frenzy. Bernie Sanders is also a one trick pony who focuses on the socialist meme "income inequality." Anyone who wants to vote for Bernie needs to read a good history of the French Revolution before deciding if income inequality is best handled by socialists.

Back to Hillary. Here is what you need to know about her particular brand of socialism:

Issue #1: Campaign Finance Reform
Whenever a Democrat spews the word "reform," understand that this is a code word meaning "let's screw people we don't like." In this case, her ideas about campaign reform will empower only Democrats. All others need not apply. Sorry Republicans and independents (who, by the way, make up about 70% of the population of the US).

Issue #2: Campus Sexual Assault
If there ever was an issue that doesn't need to be number two on a list of national problems, this is it. Hillary means to "stop campus assault," which is code for "we need to emasculate men and empower women to ruin men's lives with mere accusations." The ongoing feminist dogma that preaches that all men are rapists is absurd, dangerous, and demeans both women and men.

Issue #3: Climate Change and Energy
Hillary, apparently, wants to control the weather by taxing the rich. Remember when Congress voted to take away our light bulbs? Now we have bulbs that take many, many more resources to make and are toxic to boot. Remember the billions wasted on Solyndra? The message here is simple. Never trust the government to make the world a better place.

Issue #4: College
Making taxpayers fund college for their own kids, and everybody else's kids too, is the latest socialist craze to hit the Democrat party. When we ask why we should subsidize college tuition, most Dems point to Sweden and say: "They do it!" In response, remember that Swedish universities don't have to deal with students who have been indoctrinated through Common Core.

Issue #5: Criminal Justice Reform
Remember that the word "reform" is a code word. In this case, it means "we have too many blacks in prison and need to balance our prisons by incarcerating more whites." Then, more blacks will be able to vote for Democrats. This is what constitutes justice in Hillary's mind.

Issue #5: Disability Rights
Like all Democrat-sponsored "rights," this one will also create big programs to spend money to ensure that disabled people remain chained to big government programs. Then they'll vote for Democrats who give them money.

Issue #6: Early Childhood Education
With more and more parents giving up their responsibilities to take care of and raise their own offspring, Dems think it's a good idea to get to children early to indoctrinate them into the mysteries of socialism at the earliest possible age. Don't knock it. Indoctrination has worked for totalitarian states throughout history.

Issue #7: Economy
Apparently, to Hillary, the only thing that matters about the economy is to force employers to pay more wages. Damn the national debt! Full speed ahead.

Issue #8: Gun Violence Prevention
Hillary couldn't care less about gun violence. She does, however, have deeply held beliefs about how evil the Second Amendment is. This is the one amendment that Dems love to ignore, in favor of disarming the population of the US. Hillary has plans to confiscate guns from citizens. She has no plans on how to confiscate guns from criminals. Perhaps her criminal justice reform will do that?

Issue #9: Health Care
Now that Obamacare is in full swing and all of our premiums are rising at a rate that will force us to depend on government-sponsored health care, Hillary has decided to stay the course. After all, health care is a basic human right that should absolutely be controlled by government. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Issue #10: K-12 Education
If the past 50 years of education "reform" is any indication, Hillary plans on staying the course on this one as well, until all of our children are as ignorant as she is.

Issue #11: Labor
Because, hey, if you're a Dem, you have to mention labor unions even if you're too rich to really care about them. Labor unions, after all, are great sources of income for the Democrat party.

Issue #12: LGBT Equality
Just like the term "reform," the term "equality" is a code word among Dems that means "let's invent rights out of thin air to attract loud and financially-backed minorities." On the flip side, the code word "discrimination" is a term leveled at political opponents to promote the socialist ideals of class warfare. Neither term has any real meaning anymore. They are mere weapons used to promote socialist dogmas.

Issue #13: National Security
Since Hillary admitted that her greatest enemies are Republicans, her emphasis on national security will probably include some sort of means to eliminate Republicans as a threat. Perhaps she'll find a use for the military to "fix" her Republican problem?

I actually feel sorry for anyone who gets elected president and has to deal with Obama's and Hillary's national security mess.

Issue #14: Rural Communities
Seriously? Does anyone seriously think that Hillary gives a rat's tailbone about rural communities? This is the woman who condescends to her "southern" constituents by employing a fake southern drawl when she talks to all them folk.

Issue #15: Small Business
Hillary's website says: "Hillary Clinton will be a small business president." No sane person can believe that. She'll put all small businesses out of business with tax increases, support of labor unions, health care cost increases, getting rid of industries she doesn't like (for example, the thriving gun industry), and so on, and so on, and so on.

Issue #16: Social Security and Medicare
Because...sacred cows.

Issue #17: Substance Use Disorder and Addiction
Hillary's bankrupt morals and ideologies are the reason many people are addicted to drugs.

Issue #18: Voting Rights
Remember that, to Dems, the term "rights" is a code word. This code word means: "Let's screw the Republicans by ensuring that illegal immigrants vote for Democrats."

Issue #19: Wall Street and Corporate America
According to Hillary: "Wall Street must work for Main Street." Hillary's war on Republicans will also include a war on the businesses that actually generate wealth and income. When Wall Street is controlled by government, our slide to the Dark Side will be complete.

Issue #20: Women's Rights and Opportunity
Hillary uses two code words here, "rights" and "opportunity." By this, she really means that women like herself should be able to lie, cheat, and steal just as well as any man, in order to gain power to destroy the institutions that prop up American society.

Issue #21: Workforce and Skills
This issue seems like an afterthought - a feel-good meme. Perhaps Hillary intends that after she destroys Wall Street, all the displaced CEOs can be retooled to work in factories?

Whew! That's quite a list Hillary. I'm sure your minions are too involved in their own little lives to properly pay attention to what you really intend for America. Meanwhile, we continue the slide into the swamps of a weak and socialist state.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What I Learned from the Democrat Candidates' Debate

I didn't watch the Democrat candidates' debate. For that matter, I didn't watch the Republican debate either. There is not enough time in the world for me to waste it listening to people who are habitual liars, thieves, cheats, and simpletons. I don't like either party. I don't like most of the candidates. I don't like boiled spinach. And I really don't like Brussels sprouts.

As Mercutio put it after being stabbed: "A plague o' both your houses!"

I did, however, read the debates. It saves me time. I read fast.

After taking a look at the Democrat debates, this is what I've learned:

The Democratic Party is a misnomer. The party leaders care little for the people (the demos) or for our ability to govern ourselves (cratia).

The most important political principle in the US today is income inequality. It's much, much more important than, say, freedom or liberty. I mean, to Bernie or Hillary, two rich white people, the rich white people are the root of all evil. Or something.

The people of the US absolutely cannot take care of themselves and must, nay, demand that a president wave a magic wand, say bippity-boppity-boo and make all income inequality go away. Money will magically appear out of thin air, and there will no longer be any poor or rich - just one big, happy middle class.

All income inequality is caused by Republicans. Or something.

The office of President of the United States is based entirely on who can give away the most free stuff: free healthcare, free abortions, free college, free vacations, free living wage increases, and free root beer in the drinking fountains. No, wait. I'm confusing the candidates with my eighth grade class elections. No, wait. No, I'm not.

No one really cares about the national debt of $18 trillion. It's all fake money anyway, right?

Hillary deserves to be President of the US because she's a woman. Or something.

Bernie deserves to be President of the US because, hey, free stuff.

Hillary can lie about committing federal crimes with her email server because, hey, Bernie's got her back. And so does the press. And apparently Americans couldn't care less if their candidate for President of the United States is a felon.

Free stuff and the race to socialize the country is much, much more important than national security.

Whenever Bernie mentioned raising taxes on the rich, he drew applause. Apparently, everyone now hates rich people. Well, rich people except for Bernie and Hillary. And Barack. And maybe Goldman Sachs. And Donald Trump.

The inalienable right to life is no longer inalienable. Go Planned Parenthood!

The biggest threat to the United States today is not the national debt. It's not Islamist terrorists. It's not a failing government. It's not the moral decay that protects the "right" to chop up babies and sell their parts.

No. To Hillary, it's Republicans. To Bernie, it's Wall Street. Or something. To the rest, it's the weather.

Heaven help us.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Up until recently, I thought the scariest word in the English language was "liberal." That word is closely followed by the term "progressive," which in turn is followed by the word "spiders." All these give me the willies just thinking about them.

Yet recently my wife was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly my perspective on the world shifted as we faced this new invader which threatened the very life of someone I love. The very word "cancer" became the scariest word in the English language. Fortunately, for this particular type of cancer, there is a treatment and a cure with a very high success rate. We have a long road to travel, but the surgeons and the doctors have put my wife on a path of healing.

Focusing on cancer the past few months has given me a new appreciation for just how quickly a dangerous disease can derail our lives and change our focus on the most important things in life. By extension, thinking about the disease also helped me realize just how dangerous a place the world can be. It's a world that is one hundred percent fatal to everyone born into it.

Life's dangers can appear nearly overnight. Social and political dangers have overtaken us quite quickly, especially without strong and moral leaders in place to stand against the diseases which threaten our liberties. Cancer eats away at the very foundations of our republic. (See what I did there? I segued from a life's lesson about cancer to the disease eating at the foundations of our American republic.)

The cancer growing in our system is not unique to party or to politician. Our entire party system seems to be infected with the disease, although democrats seem especially susceptible to its debilitating effects. The disease seems to attack the brain first, destroying the little switch people used to have that allowed common sense to rule. It also attacks the heart, turning otherwise caring people into unfocused and selfish zombies.

The symptoms of the cancer are readily apparent to those who aren't affected, though extraordinarily difficult to self diagnose once the disease settles in. An infected person feels as though the world around him or her could suddenly be transformed into a magical place of peace and harmony if everyone would merely follow the beatific constraints of John Lennon's Imagined world.

The disease is dangerous, and socially fatal, since it deludes its victims into giving up control of their lives to some Utopian ideal that is ripe for the manipulation of conspiring men and women.

It hides reality behind a mask of simple platitudes.

It convinces otherwise decent human beings to despise and mock anything that could get in the way.

It convinces otherwise rational human beings that wrong is right, that evil is good, and that dark is light.

It blinds others to the harsh realities and dangers of the world, leading its victims to inevitable and terrible conclusions.

There are some still left who have been inoculated against the disease, who understand the plague that spreads through the United States. I vacillate between optimism and pessimism as to our chances of stopping its spread before we reach a catastrophic failure of the whole body.

Meanwhile, I'll focus on what's really important in life, which is to take care of my wife and to teach my children to love God.