Monday, January 4, 2016

The Shopping Mall Generation or the One Thing I Learned in Graduate School

I only learned one important thing from the chairman of my dissertation committee. Well, OK, two. But learning that reading Nietzsche is the answer to insomnia is something I could have learned on my own.

No, the one true thing I learned from my Marxist, Netherland-born, mostly incomprehensible professor was this quote:

"Our forefathers built temples. Our fathers built universities. We build shopping malls."

Today's society is based on years of rejecting the foundations of Western culture, rejecting simple truths about society, rejecting the values of our fathers, rejecting our God, rejecting even the most rudimentary spiritual values.

We live in a society where everything is questioned before we learn what we should question.

We live in a society where the greatest truths are based on a culture whose greatest contribution to the world is the shopping mall.

We live in a society where children learn that there is no greater moral authority than themselves, then we shake our heads in wonder as our children grow to be petulant, ignorant, and selfish.

The solution is easy. We must once again become a society of deep spiritual values. We must uphold the family and eschew the authority of elites. We must find God, if for no other reason than to have a base from which we can judge what is really good and what is really evil.

To do any less will condemn us to be shallow shoppers of soundbites and self-centered students in search of ever higher forms of ignorance.