Monday, February 15, 2016

A Glossary of Feminist Terms

Here's your handy-dandy dictionary to help you keep up with the latest terms feminists use. The definitions that feminists use are confusing to the extreme, so I've done a bit of simplifying to make things more understandable.

You're welcome.

What used to be called "women." Now it means anyone who can have babies, including men.

Little boys whose parents raise them to be little girls.

Acting like a woman, especially if you're a man.

A social movement divided into three periods: 1) the movement to extend voting rights to women; 2) the movement to extend employment equality; 3) the movement to condemn all men for being rapists and gender oppressors, and to "choose" to kill babies in a safe and legal manner.

A complete social construct that has absolutely nothing to do with sexual reproduction, biology, or evolution. An anti-scientific theory that personal perception can change a person's chromosomes.

Gender Identity
A social construct that allows, for example, a world-class athlete to pretend to be a women and have the adulation and applause of the national news media. Identifying as a gender other than the one you were born with automatically qualifies you for the Medal of Freedom, unless you turn out to be a political conservative.

Gender Identity Oppression
The social doctrine that once a man decides he is a woman, all people must immediately agree with him, er, her or be ridiculed and oppressed by the news media, angry progressives, or any woman who has to share a bathroom with a man.

Gender Neutral Pronoun
The reason we now use the third person plural pronoun to identify third person singular objects in a sentence. For example, "If someone doesn't want to use gender, non-specific language, they can stuff it."

A term only useable by confirmed feminists. Anyone not doctrinally pure who uses the term will be condemned as a bigot. Otherwise the term has no real meaning.

A social construct that marginalizes and vilifies anyone who disagrees with a "fluid" interpretation of gender.

The mistaken belief that biology has something to do with sex.

The institutionalization of homosexual behavior in order to marginalize heterosexual people.

The belief that all bigotry is related, thus allowing feminists, without proof, to assume that all men are sexists, rapists, bigots, racists, homophobes, and transphobes.

What used to be called "men." Now it means anyone who cannot bear children, apparently including all post-menopausal women and pre-menstrual girls.

Male Privilege
The doctrine that no man has any value whatsoever.

Little girls whose parents raise them to be little boys.

Acting like a man, especially if you are a women. In feminist doctrine, men are forbidden to act like men. Only women are allowed to be masculine and act like men.

Disagreeing with a feminist.

A social construct in which feminists are free to condemn men for being born male and identifying as male.

What we used to call men and women, but which now has no connection with biology, genitals, reproduction, social constraints, or naked tumbles in the back seat of a convertible.

Sexual Orientation
What used to be called sexual behavior. The anti-science institution that allows women to act as badly as men and allows men to take no responsibility for women.

The idea that all men are related to sus scrofa domesticus.

A social construct that actively promotes the idea that men should dress like women.

A social construct that actively promotes the idea that men and women should have their body parts sliced up and replaced in order to feel better about themselves.

The idea that women have to act like men in order to be special and appreciated.