Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Google Chrome Extension: Choice Language

In an effort to keep progressive ideology pure and untainted from the world, a group calling itself the National Institute for Reproductive Health provides an extension for Google Chrome. The extension replaces the phrase "pro-life" with "anti-choice" on any page on the web. A statement from the NIRH extension explains:
Those who stand against a woman's right to decide what is best for her own body prop themselves up as righteous saviors using a problematic framework of rhetoric and religion. The term "pro-life" is inaccurate in this argument – although it is a powerful tool in the fight against women's health rights – as it serves to demonize individuals who are pro-choice by suggesting that in their support of a woman's right to choose what is best for her own life, they also advocate for death in some way. (Source)
As an expression of the progressive mind, this short statement speaks volumes about how far into left field leftists have wandered in their attempt to recreate the world in their own image. (As of this writing, progressives have now run past left field, across the bull pen, and now are located about three miles outside of the stadium.)

I think, however, that this extension doesn't go far enough to satisfy the demands of progressives' angry dogmas. I have here a modest list of terms that the NIRH should put into a new extension and make available for every web browser. (Yes, even IE.) Easily offended progressives, after all, must not be exposed to any hurtful ideas or words that may disconnect from their ideology.

For example, the terms "man" and "woman" should be replaced by "humyn." The terms "fetus," "embryo," "baby,"  and "child" should be replaced with "tissue."

The term "conservative" should be replaced by the term "terrorist," as many on the left cannot see any differences between the two. The term "Republican" should also change to "terrorist," as progressives think that all Republicans are also conservatives, and at any rate, consider Republicans to be the primary cause of evil in the world. On the progressive side, the term "Democratic" should be replaced by "the Party."

Here are other changes to consider for a web browser extension:

life - anti-choice
liberty - fairness
pursuit of happiness - progressivism
individual rights - dangerous loner actions
rights - progressive way of thinking
free speech - hate speech
freedom of religion - freedom from religion
gun rights - promotion of terrorism
gun - assault weapon
pro-gun - dangerous thug
anti-gun - common sense
NRA - right wing gun nutjob
election - right wing conspiracy
black - *deleted*
hispanic - white
white - white privilege
disagree - is hurtful and destructive
political correctness - common sense
Islamic terrorism - freedom fighters
Christians - Islamophobes
illegal immigration - racism
socialism - fairness
rich - evil billionaires
socialism - progressivism
communism - progressivism
work - making a living wage
minimum wage - living wage
heterosexual - homophobe
homosexual - gay
transsexual - gender identity
George W. Bush - Hitler
Hillary - Her Majesty
private email server - Republican witch hunt
Trump - evil overlord

The possibilities are endless. For example, to keep progressives from accidentally viewing hateful speech online, the extension would redirect any links to such websites as Fox News or the Drudge Report to the website for Slate. Web browsers could also redirect to speeches by Hillary or Bernie whenever progressives have had to interact with the unbelievers.

With such browser extensions, the world of the progressive doesn't have to be filled with hurtful language which might fracture fragile psyches. Instead, with the simple addition of an extension, progressives can enter the hurtful world of the interwebs knowing they will never again be subjected to unauthorized thoughts or opinions.