Monday, February 1, 2016

Some Thoughts on the Primary Elections

With the primaries starting this week in Iowa, I've been pondering the problems that face the country. Most everyone agrees that the country is headed in the wrong direction and that our economic foundations are not as strong as they used to be. The country has divided itself neatly in half with ideologies based on the direction we ought to take.

Half the country seems determined to place our future in the hands of politicians with the idea that somehow "they" can "make things better." These people blindly follow the lure of government programs, entitlements, and taxes. They follow the government handout. They crave the government concession. For some reason, they think that adding more government programs to an overburdened system will somehow create a new American Utopia of equality, goodwill, and peace.

Half the country tries to temper this headlong plunge over the Cliffs of Insanity. These people warn of the dangers of socialism and moral relativism. For their efforts, they are vilified, mocked, and openly hated for getting in the way of having an "open" and "equal" society. (And I do indeed use those terms mocking the hypocrisy of the left.)

Yet, much to my dismay, many of the people whom I have considered rational conservatives, who have promoted the foundational principles of the US, now march headlong after politicians or businessmen, in the futile hope that somehow "they" can "make things better."

We the people of the United States have lost the art of reason. Instead, we've generally replaced our responsibilities to elect good people who will protect our natural rights. We teach our children feel-good platitudes and mediocrity of thought. We elect, time and again, fools who now represent a country of fools.

It looks like this year's national election will be no different from any others from the past thirty years.

As a people, we deserve whom we get. Neither political party has offered any real differences for many years. Despite the virulent and spiteful words between the two parties (mainly from one direction) neither party really represents the foundational principles of the US anymore.

What about Donald Trump? Trump represents his own party. Perhaps that is his appeal among conservatives. Yet all I see in Trump is someone who has successfully created a cult of personality whose followers act just like a bunch of Democrats.

Followers of Hillary or Bernie have lost all sense of a moral compass. Their adherence to the doctrines of moral relativism and America-bashing have finally produced a people whose emotions and feelings get in the way of rational thought. Brought up in our wishy-washy educational system, these people condemn the foundations of our country, have nearly succeeded in removing them, then turn around and blame both the nature of the foundations and the structure when it collapses.

For example, they've successfully removed the rule of law in our court system. Then, blaming the rule of law for maintaining the "evil empire" of the US, they leave an unjust, arbitrary, and potentially dictatorial system in its place. When the system collapses underneath them, they will be first to condemn the structure for its inability to protect them.

This week we are faced with an election that places an emphasis on name-calling, blaming, and vitriolic language. We've placed our hopes in people, then have actively destroyed the institutions that created the ideals of life, liberty, and property. We've handed power to socialists, then have wondered why we no longer have any power over our government.

I am beginning to get a bit pessimistic about the future of the United States. "They" can never "make things better." Only we the people can.