Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just How Closed Is Our Open Society?

Among modern progressives, the ideal of openness is at the top of the list of virtues. Yet, as we view the openness of the left, we see a troubling trend of irrational thought and action that denies reality and reason.

Openness used to be the academic cornerstone that taught us to seek the good by using reason. This used to be the foundation of discovery, the foundation of academic endeavor, and the foundation of our democracy.

Now, openness means accepting everything by denying reason. Progressives, by saying that we should be open to anything, have stopped pursuing the good, have replaced reason with feeling, and are now tossed about on the sea of nihilism without a rudder.

Hence, politicians like Hillary Clinton can do the most heinous things, lie the most outrageous lies, and still attract those who support and adore her. Why? Because progressives express so much openness, they can no longer reason.

We as a people have been infected with the disease of openness without reason. The disease has spread throughout the entire American body, so that we now reject reason, truth, and the good.

Conservatives are no longer immune to the siren call of openness. We have replaced reason with feeling. We no longer pursue the good, but seek only satisfaction.

Such openness has created the most closed-minded individuals our country has ever seen. We no longer hold the virtue to seek the good by using reason.