Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Obama's Bad Mideast Policy and Increased Christian Persecution

Obama Wasn't The One

President Obama's conciliatory foreign policy has led to brewing disasters in most countries in the Mideast. Inspired by weak rhetorical arrows flung by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, Islamists now threaten to destabilize the Mideast, Saharan Africa, and Indonesia.

In 2008, terrorists killed 10,798 people. By 2015, the number has risen to 27,588, an increase of 155% (source).

With the growth of Islamist groups, Christians have been targeted more and more, making 2015 the worst year for Christian persecution. An estimated 7,000 Christians were killed in 2015, some fifty percent higher than the previous year. Up to a million Christians have been imprisoned or displaced (source).

Americans, especially those led by progressive dogmas, are naive and blinded to think that a weak American policy in the Mideast isn't responsible for terrorism and the instability of the entire area. Obama's policies have only strengthened ISIS (which was a small offshoot group in 2008), Boko Haram, Quds Force, Haqqani, or Hezbollah.

The trend can be stopped, but only if the leaders of the US treat radical Islam as the disease it is instead of kowtowing to the world leaders of terrorism.