Monday, March 21, 2016

Trump and Socialist Protesters

Over the weekend, Donald Trump visited my home state before our primary election. As many of you have seen, George Soros sponsored zombies protesters took it on themselves to block traffic into the city where Trump held his political rally.

As a sample of the mentality of people who would block a city street to keep others from lawful assembly and lawful speech, have a look:

I don't really care much for protesters of this ilk. They're welcome to protest anything that blows past them on the wind (and most of them do). However, the intent of this particular brand of protester is to stifle free speech, to shut down opposition to their peculiar ideology, and in general, to be whiny about stuff about which they are clueless.

We have become a country overrun with clueless protesters who respond to every whim of ideologues such as Soros,, or Bernie Sanders. When a cause must abuse money and power as Soros does, and when those responsible for its progress must lie to keep people from the truth, the cause is unjust and the people must be warned.