Monday, April 25, 2016

Social Disorder and the Threat of Chaos

In ancient Mesopotamia - the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers - the old stories tell of great battles between the forces of order and of chaos. To the Sumerians, for example, the greatest evil wasn't rulers who resembled Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Instead, the greatest evil were the forces of chaos that might break free of their prison to shake the foundations of the cosmos.

In one Sumerian tale, Tiamat, a great dragon, threatened the peace of the gods. To subdue her, they sent out a hero, Marduk, equipped with divine weapons. Once he defeated Tiamat, Marduk created the cosmos from her (not quite dead) body. The Sumerians celebrated the new year with a reenactment ritual that would prevent Tiamat from rising up again to destroy the order of the cosmos.

In ancient, as well as today's terms, the greatest evil consists of those forces that threaten the order of the world. Those forces threaten to disestablish the institutions that maintain and protect society from falling apart.

Progressive dogmas threaten the institutions that hold and bind our society together. By their very nature, they pick at and unravel the fabric of society, and in so doing, threaten chaos and evil.

As just one example, look at the dissolution of the institution of marriage.

During the 1960s, the free love movement took hold, promising a Utopia of unrestrained sex with no consequences. Despite being utter nonsense - sex does indeed have consequences - the movement appealed to those who valued sensual pleasure above the ideals of a stable society based on long-term male-female relationships. Immorality became the "new" morality. Unleashing the dragon with the promise of sexual paradise, progressives succeeded in unraveling the institution of marriage and family to leave chaos and disorder in its wake.

The consequences over the past 50 years have been astounding:

  • Marriage Devalued - Divorce rates soared, only to be stemmed by a staggering drop in marriage.
  • Children Devalued - Abortion rates soared, peaked in the 1990s, and have remained around one million children destroyed each year.
  • Women Devalued - While teen pregnancies have reached their peak, the number of single mothers, especially among blacks, has reached epidemic proportions.
  • Disease - Sexually Transmitted Diseases have reached epidemic proportions with about half of the US population having some kind of STD.
  • Men Devalued - Progressive dogma blames men, especially white men, for all of society's problems. The consequence of this dogma is an increased number of men who do not actively participate in the well-being of marriage, families, or society.
  • Biology Devalued - Progressive dogma has destroyed concepts of maleness and femaleness, denying biology, to promote the ideals of sexual preference and gender fluidity.
  • Marriage Broken - So-called "gay marriage" denies the social purpose of marriage, reducing the institution to a love relationship between any two (three? seven? twenty-four?) individuals.

Keep in mind, this is only one example from the progressive ideals to let Tiamat loose in the world. Some of the progressive chaos will have grave consequences as we continue to unravel marriage or to wantonly slaughter the unborn.

As with many ancient civilizations, the path from order to descend into chaos caused the fall of even the greatest civilizations. Can we continue on such a path without suffering the same consequences? Even the Sumerians, who built their city 5,500 years ago knew the answer to that question.

Those who progressively unleash the dragon have forgotten the lessons of the past.