Sunday, June 12, 2016

Some Thoughts on Orlando's Islamic Terrorism

Like you, I woke up to the news about the terrorism in Orlando. It, like all acts of terrorism, is a heinous act of pure evil.

Here are some thoughts I had about the shooting:

A couple of conceal carry folks in the gay club could have saved a lot of lives.

The club was attacked for several reasons. It did have a bunch of homosexuals. It was a gun-free zone. It was guaranteed to be jam-packed in the middle of the night.

What makes a person, presumably a sane person, wake up one day and decide to wage jihad and to shoot people in cold blood? Oh. that's right. Islamist ideology.

Is there some kind of jihadi switch that says, "OK, it's now time to take my ideology to a whole new level and go out and kill people?"

I can understand when children are brainwashed to hate anyone who doesn't share the same ideology, but how do we explain those who are "converted" later in life to such evil? The answer to that question will be the answer to stopping Islamist violence.

Progressives are dysfunctional when any kind of violence occurs. Obama cannot say "Islamic" to save his life. The skewed view that a hate crime is somehow worse than terrorism is a mental disorder.

A national gun ban didn't stop the terrorists in Paris. There must be something else behind terrorism than easy access to guns.

The news media have responded just about how you'd expect. The most liberal sources blame homophobia (as if that is somehow a more virulent evil than radical Islam) and calling for gun bans. The moderate sources (where there are any) call this both terrorism and a hate crime and are calling for gun bans. Conservative sources call this Islamic terrorism.

Yes, Muslims tend to hate homosexuals. The tragedy of progressive dogma is its inability to blame the real, actual, identifiable ideology, in favor of helping Islam by making people afraid to "judge" a corrupt system.

Obama's and Hillary's failed Middle East policy have a direct consequence of the spread of ISIS and the spread of Islamist ideologies here in the US.

Progressives will ask the silliest of questions: "Why didn't the FBI act to take out Mateen, confiscate his guns, and stop the violence?" A person who asks that question doesn't deserve to live in a free country.

What other questions come to mind?