Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Sermon: A Modern Reading

Excerpts from Isaiah 3

The people will oppress one another,
Every man his fellow,
     and every man his neighbor;
The child will
     trash talk elderly people
And the ignorant
     will trash talk the honorable,

The USA is ruined,
And America is fallen;
Because the people
     speak and act
     against God,
And they provoke him.

The way they dress
     witnesses against them;
And they broadcast their LGBT sin,
     they don't hide it.
Woe unto their soul!
Because they have
     done evil unto themselves.

And God says:
"Why do you crush the people,
And grind the face of the poor?"

Besides that God says:
Because women are full of pride,
And walk with their noses in the air
And seek only lewdness and power,
Twerking as they go,
Therefore God will condemn all
     their licentious secrets.

They hide behind degrading
     or expensive clothes.
They tattoo and pierce themselves,
     instead of showing their beauty.

But God will change things.
Instead of perfume,
     there will be rottenness;
And instead of expensive dresses,
     there will be rags;
And instead of curled hair,
     there will be baldness;
And instead of Armani jackets,
     there will be sackcloth.